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602 Days of Pain, Guts and Determination

"Welcome back to our number #42 Claire O'Neill"

In terms of a footballers life, October 3rd 2020 was supposed to be a great day as Tigerette Claire O'Neill prepared for the Women's Reserve Grade Grand Final vs. Molonglo.

However history now tells us that it became a day to forget for Claire who tore her ACL and Meniscus as well as fracturing her tibia on Grand Final day and to add insult to injury the Tigerettes lost by a point.

So having dealt with the shock of the injuries and going through a total knee reconstruction, she then found out the meniscus had separated again so second round of surgery in late august 2021.

However you wont find a more determined person and although she was going through months and months of self doubt, pain and rehab there was always one big driver and that was to don the Yellow and Black once again!

So fast forward 602 days (tongue in cheek) and Claire makes her return tomorrow against ADFA and we here at Tigerland will all be cheering for her.

Congratulations Claire, you epitomize what our club is all about and through adversity you have succeeded - no matter the game result tomorrow you have WON!!

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