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Season 2021 Starts well for Tigers - Round 1 Review

Following 14 weeks of slog and pain, Tigers Senior Competition joined the Super Two's women and finally commenced their season last Saturday at Aulich Park.

To check out all of our Tigers Teams results for both Seniors & Juniors click on this link

Also for access and viewing of our wonderful Match Day Photos supplied by Danny Webster and Sam Franks as well as all other day to day club information click on our Facebook Page Queanbeyan Tigers Australian Football Club | Facebook

Men's 1st Grade

The defending Premiers began their defense with a solid hit out against the Valley.

Despite not winning a preseason game, the team was settled post the first 10 nervous minutes and began where they left off from last year. The squad welcomed new players Isaac Edgar and Joe Stapleton as well as the return of 2012 NEAFL Premiership player and local junior Sam Jensen as well as Jayden Lehman who returned from a year away.

An early 5 goal 1st qtr set up the win with the team showing excellent want to get their mates into the game with some very good connections so early in the season. The depth of the team again looks to be very good with seasoned midfielder Jordan Iudica playing off Half Back and joining a very solid defense led by Alec McCormick & Dean Simpson.

Highfield, Edgar, Griggs and Conroy showed the rewards of a good preseason and hit the ground running while the return of Tyler Collins & Alex Page from injury showed signs of early season excitement.

The big three in Swan, Bryce and Stapleton kicked 14 of the 24 goals but it must be said the delivery was very good and provided the opportunities.

A good start and banking early wins are important but with a long way to go there is no doubt the team will have to continue to improve to challenge again.

Queanbeyan Tigers 5.5 11.10 15.16 24.20-164

Tuggeranong Valley 1.2 1.2 3.3 4.4-28 Goal Kickers: J. Bryce 5, A. Swan 5, J. Stapleton 4, A. Page 3, T. Collins 3, L. Highfield 2,

I. Edgar, S. Jensen Best Players: L. Highfield, T. Collins, A. Swan, J. Stapleton, W. Griggs, T. Conroy

Tigerettes 1st Grade

After 14 weeks of preparation and watching their sisters from the sidelines the 1st Grade were let loose and with no more practice matches or training its live fire.

The first half of the game started slow, with their opponents gaining an early lead in the first quarter. However, by the second the Tigers, having ‘warmed up’ with the Tigers adjusting well to the pressure mounted on their defensive line and shoring up their forwards with a strong mid field and a fresh interchange of players.

Kate McGrath had this to say about the Tiger’s progress; “The combination really started to come together in the second quarter”. A noticeable change in play as it was around the same time as the TVFC fans started to get a bit unhappy.

An honourable mention to a show of good sportsmanship was by the Captain Ella Ross during the 2nd quarter after one of her opponent’s was injured on the field. Escorted away with approval at Ross's actions by the TVFC supporters in the grandstand.

The second half showed a desperate play by the visitors as the Tiger’s gave the TVFC the old one-two punch again and again. By the finally blast of that loud horn the score was at 62-14 in the home team’s favour.

A very proud McGrath said that it “was a good hit out for our first game of the season”

Jess Stramandinoli: The ‘Tiger’ Tank

Of all the things a player can encounter on the field, a tank is something that one does not expect. Mobile fire power is what Strama is. Her dash through the backline and through the mid-field allowed for a number of scoring shots with Strama useing her absolute physical skill. Co-captain McGrath commented that “the physicality is one of the reasons you play the game”. Jess certainly showed that by shrugging off several hits that left her opposite number rather dazed.

Written by Karl Anstey

Queanbeyan Tigers 0.1 6.1 6.6 9.8-62

Tuggeranong Valley 1.1 1.1 1.2 2.2-14 Goal Kickers: R. Grounds 3, M. Quade 2, L. Watson, L. Russell, I. Kennedy, K. McGrath Best Players: R. Grounds, K. Woodward, E. Ross, A. Jakim, K. McGrath, J. Stramandinoli

Men's Reserve Grade

Boasting a new look squad in 2021 including new coach in Paul James, any thought this

group would struggle to gel was quickly extinguished with a big performance.

Again like the other sides, there were plenty of new players it was so good to see a host of gradutating Rising Stars begin their senior careers with Jack Manners, Caleb Cawse, Nic Coghill and Alessandro Sergi all playing very well in the win.

It was also great to see new recruits Jacob May & Daniel Potts run out for their 1st game for the club as well all the return of former local juniors Daniel Hespe and Kieran Shea and we also welcome our other new players to the club. Finally was fantastic to see the return of Will Taylor and Campbell Lovell from injuries last year.

Queanbeyan Tigers 7.2 11.5 16.9 20.10-130

Tuggeranong Valley 0.0 1.0 1.0 3.2-20 Goal Kickers: W. Taylor 5, A. Sergi 3, J. May 3, E. White 2, N. Coghill 2, J. Simpson, J. Lopes, W. Morshead, D. Hespe, J. Manners Best Players: J. May, W. Taylor, D. Hespe, C. Cawse, J. Manners, A. Sergi

Tigerettes Reserve Grade

Coming off back to back wins to start the year, this was another big test against ADFA.

Once again there were plenty of list changes but this doesn't seem to worry this group as they hooked in and played some exciting footy. It was great to see the return of Hannah Verri from long term injury and coupled with the return of Alanna Kolano, all of a sudden the team has some experience back.

Susie Armistead and Lon Flakelar continue to drive the back line and with the young gun Madi Lustri controlling the ruck this team despite the loss will once again challenge heavily in 2021.

Queanbeyan Tigers 1.2 3.3 3.3 4.3-27

ADFA Rams 1.2 2.3 3.6 4.10-34 Goal Kickers: C. Hamilton 2, S. Fenwick, J. Shea Best Players: M. Lustri, L. Flakelar, I. Street, N. Brockwell, R. Brown, S. Armistead

Rising Stars

Once again this young group of men are leading the way in determination and desire to play for this great club.

It was only 4 weeks ago that there was a real chance the club couldn't field an 18s team, however with some great work done behind the scenes between the Junior & Senior clubs and some proactive thinking the team has come together and started the season.

And didn't the boys do the club proud with a resounding win in Round 1 and the 17s

boys also playing some very good footy last weekend. It's a couple of very young squads that are working hard together and improving weekly.

Led by Caden Spinks, Bailee Gilbert and Lachlan Fitzpatrick the team jumped their opponents and with Alessandro Sergi marking everything the scoreboard kept ticking over. Added to these boys was the excellent games by Pambula player Will Kellar and locals Dayne Posthuma & Michael Armstrong.

Queanbeyan Tigers 3.1 5.5 11.9 15.14-104

Tuggeranong Valley 0.1 2.1 2.1 2.1-13 Goal Kickers: A. Sergi 4, C. Spinks 3, M. Armstrong 3, L. Asbock 2, L. Fitzpatrick 2, T. Russo Best Players: C. Spinks, A. Sergi, B. Gilbert, L. Fitzpatrick, B. Rauter, D. Posthuma

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