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Three-peat for Tigerettes

Lani's medals

The number on Lani Watson’s jumper (pictured above) couldn’t be any more appropriate as the Tigerettes completed a three-peat of premierships last Sunday.

Disappointingly, the timing of this year’s Women’s Grand Final clashed with the men’s elimination semi-finals, so not as many Tigers supporters as we would have liked got to see the game live.

However, people were kept up to date through social media, and some through watching the live stream, and score updates buzzed around Allinsure Park throughout the Tigerette’s game.

The final scoreline of 4.3.27 to Molonglo’s 2.5.17 suggests the game was a typical low-scoring, hard-fought final. At three-quarter time the scores were even closer at 3.1.19 to 2.3.15.

When the girls made their way back to Allinsure Park it was clear to all that the Grand Final had been a tough affair. Premiership medallions draped around the girl’s necks were the only clear giveaway that they had actually been successful. Most of the girls looked a combination of exhausted and relieved.

But in customary fashion, the girls recovered quickly and celebrated long and hard.

In thanking the girls for their efforts, Coach Robert Anderson said “the Grand Final victory was a great reflection of the never say die attitude of the group in not accepting defeat or backing down and staying positive. I am extremely proud of all of you.”

…and so are all of us in Tigerland.

Final Score

Queanbeyan Tigers         2.1-13    2.1-13    3.1-19    4.3-27

Molonglo Juggernauts   0.1-1      1.2-8      2.3-15    2.5-17

Queanbeyan Tigers

Goal Kickers: H. Dunn 2, S. Thomas, K. Reid

Best Players: C. Reid, F. Lieschke, N. Rakic, E. Holopainen, L. Flakelar, J. Froud

2015 Premiership Players:

Charlee Cremerius

Hannah Dunn

Lauren Flakelar

Jacinta Froud

Megan Godfrey

Erin Grocott

Emma Holopainen

Keely Johnson

Tess Kolaric

Steph Konatar

Fallon Lieschke

Chelsea Marolt

Anne McRoberts

Natasha. Rakic

Cassie Reid

Kate Reid

Carly Res

Ella Ross

Vicky Small

Shaylee Thomas

Kristen Turner

Lani Watson


Brooke Gay

Chelsea Gibson

Ash Dand

Chlodagh Sutherland

Monica McGrath


Robert Anderson

Team Manager:

Joan Vosnakes

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