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Tigers Juniors Celebrate Great Year!

On Sunday the 17th October the Palmer’s TV Junior Tigers held their Presentation Day with players, parents, sponsors and life members attending the event throughout the day.

Participation Awards were handed out to all our Under Age teams from Auskick to the Under 11s. This was followed by the Major Awards in all grades from Auskick Pro to Under 16s.

The Junior Tigers was announced as Club of the Year at the recent League Presentation and with the fabulous turn out by all involved in this great club it showed why. Junior President Murray Lembit thanked all of our parents and players for contributing to the club’s success and was extremely grateful to all of our valued sponsors who continually assist the club.

Below are our 2010 Award Winners:

QBN/Goulburn Tigers Under 12s Premiers 2010 Awards from left: M/Improved - Zac Virgo, C/Award - Noah Barrow, M/Consistent - Jack Hill & Thomas Christou, Best & Fairest - Tyler Van Luin.

Absent – R/Up Best & Fairest – George Cross.

Under 16s Division 2 Awards from left: C/Award - Steven McKenzie, R/Up B&F - Jason Taylor, M/Improved - Francis Burns, M/Consistent - Ethan Callender, R/Up B&F - Jeremy MacDonald, Best & Fairest - Marcus Lawrence.

Under 14s Awards from left: M/Improved - Lachlan Jordan, Best & Fairest - Brad Pankasz, M/Consistent - Jeramey Edwards.

Absent – C/Award – Brad Stevens & Kodi Stevens, R/Up Best & Fairest – Alex Page.

Under 16s Division 1 Squad - St Edmunds Tigers

Award Winners: Best & Fairest – Aiden Kenworthy, R/Up B&F – Toby Yeates, M/Consistent – James Armstrong, M/Improved – Daniel Hespe, C/Award – Stephen Camp.

150 Game Player 2010 - Daniel Hespe

100 Game Players - 2010

50 Game Players - 2010

25 Game Players - 2010

Under 11s Awards from left: C/Award - Dom Hawksworth, Player of the Year - Reed Stevens, M/Improved - Nicholas Wagland, M/Consistent - Lachlan Squire.

Under 11s Squad.

Volunteer of the Year - Michelle Palombi

Under 10s Awards from left: Coaches Award - Jack Ross, Player of the Year - Trent Buchanan, Coaches Award - Daniel Brown.

Under 10s Squad

50 Game Players - 2010

25 Game Players - 2010

Under 9 Awards from left: Coaches Award - Cara Frost, Player of the Year - Alessandro Sergi, Coaches Award - Nelson Tothill.

Under 9s Auskick Pro Squad.

Under 8s Player of the Year - Samual Frost with Wally Gisik.

Under 8s Coaches Award - Jarrod Barker

Under 8s Coaches Award - Luke Michalak

Under 8s Auskick Pro Squad.

Our Future Stars - The 2010 Auskick Participants

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