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Tigers to good for the Hawks – Round 2 scores.

The Tigers were hosted by the Tuggeranong Hawks at Greenway Oval last Saturday in four grades of footy while the Tigerettes Division 2 team travel to Ainslie Oval for their clash with the Tricolours.

At Greenway Oval, all four grades were comfortable winners while the Tigerettes Reserve Grade failed by just 5 points.

The following are the results:

Under 18 Grade Rising StarsTuggeranong0.1  0.1  0.2  0.3-3Queanbeyan3.4  5.8  9.13  12.18-90

Tuggeranong Hawks Best Players: A. Ryan, A. Laing, M. Thomas, E. Collins, T. Gordon, B. Miller

Queanbeyan Tigers

Goal Kickers: W. Taylor 5, B. Simpson 2, A. Salmond 2, J. Fahey, J. Gay, J. Manners Best Players: J. Stephinson, S. Frost, M. Seears, W. Taylor, J. Gay, C. O”Shea

Tigerettes Reserve GradeAinslie Tricolours0.2  1.3  3.4  4.8-32Queanbeyan Tigers0.3  2.5  3.8  3.9-27

Ainslie Tricolours

Goal Kickers: R. Veness 2, S. Manderson, A. Rose

Queanbeyan Tigers

Goal Kickers: B. Smyth, M. Philpot, M. Margosis Best Players: C. D”Elboux, M. Philpot, M. Galloway, H. Rauter, S. Arcus, E. Mapleson

Men’s Reserve GradeTuggeranong  0.0   0.1  0.1  0.1-1Queanbeyan  4.6  11.12  19.15  26.21-177

Tuggeranong Hawks

Best Players: S. Newhouse, B. Cleaver, T. Shafron, J. Mosslar, I. Van Bockel, L. Zwiers

Queanbeyan Tigers

Goal Kickers: D. Lord 7, B. Fruend 4, M. Solway 2, S. Wilkinson 2, J. Bridger 2, D. Ross 2, J. Kerr, T. Shea, N. Verma, H. Kelly, E. Maatouk, H. McKenzie, M. Gorman Best Players: D. Ross, J. Bridger, D. Lord, D. Lucas, B. Fruend

Tigerettes 1st GradeTuggeranong  0.0  0.0  0.0  0.0Queanbeyan6.411.7  17.13  20.14-134

Tuggeranong Hawks

Best Players: N. Harvey, K. Greenacre, T. Bacon , R. Mitchell, J. Gregory, A. Novello

Queanbeyan Tigers

Goal Kickers: K. Reid 4, T. Campbell 2, J. Stramandinoli 2, A. Hamilton 2, M. Godfrey 2, L. Watson 2, M. Hurley 2, C. Hamilton, G. Stephinson, C. McCarthy-Partridge, H. Dunn Best Players: L. Watson, A. Hamilton, H. Dunn, M. Godfrey, C. Res, T. Campbell

Men’s 1st GradeTuggeranong  1.0  1.0  3.1  3.1-19Queanbeyan  5.6  11.18  16.22  23.27-165

Tuggeranong Hawks

Goal Kickers: M. Channon 2, O. Blunden Best Players: C. Ashcroft, B. Symons, A. Introna, C. Kickett, T. Scrivener, T. Cleaver

Queanbeyan Tigers

Goal Kickers: N. Irwin 5, J. Bryce 4, J. Kirkwood 4, A. Page 3, T. Clowry 2, T. Conroy, S. Lancaster, Z. Derksen, J. Bowyer, B. Lagana Best Players: T. Conroy, J. Bryce, T. Clowry, T. Collins, J. Kirkwood, A. Page

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