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Wally To Hang Up the Watch!!!

30-year veteran Wally Thompson is about to “hang up the timekeepers watch” at the close of business in 2019. After serving the Tigers as the senior

Noel Miller (Team Manager 1977 – 2016), Wally Thompson (Timekeeper 1989 – 2019), Bobby Griffin (Player and Coach mid-50’s to mid-60’s, numerous positions since including Masseur from 1999 – Current).

club timekeeper since 1989, Wally will call it “time” when the curtain closes on the 1st Grade team this year.

That could be this Saturday if the Tigers lose to Belconnen in the Preliminary Final or hopefully the following week if the Tigers beat the Magpies this weekend and advance into the Grand Final.

Wally is no stranger to the Queanbeyan Community having played a few junior games for the Tigers Club but more so was a playing member of the Queanbeyan Whites.  A move to Canberra to the Weston Creek area seen him become involved with the Weston Creek Wildcats for a period until son Greg started playing for the Tigers Under 19 Grade team hence is commencement and involvement with the Tigers Club.

His name is first recorded in the Tigers History Book in 1988 when assisting with the construction of the old scoreboard and then after from 1989 as the Clubs Senior Timekeeper for the next 30 years. A record unsurpassed and likely never to be repeated. He has been the timekeeper for 18 1st Grand Finals, 15 Reserve Grade Grand Finals and 8 Under 18 grade Grand Finals.

In addition to his timekeeping duties Wally has also been part of the volunteer group of Sports Medicine Trainers for the past 20 years. Juggling timekeeping and as a masseur prior to 1st Grade matches has meant a full day in the footy life of one of our great stalwarts.

A highlight each year, is the Tigers Roast Spit on the Thursday training night prior to the first competition rounds in any given season.  Wally has been totally responsible for this highly anticipated night of nights and his efforts throughout that day never go unnoticed amongst all those that have passed through the Club in any one season.

His passion and dedication to the Tigers Club has been acknowledged with Wall of Fame induction along with Life Membership (1998). Not to be outdone, wife Lesley’s contribution over may years of providing after match sandwiches and match day slices and cakes for the volunteers is greatly appreciated.

Although Sir Walter may be “hanging up the watch”, we expect him to be still available to assist on match days continuing as a masseur along with old (very) mate Bobby Griffin and giving as much cheek as possible to all and sundry.

Whether this will be his last week as timekeeper or the following we thank him sincerely for his efforts and huge contribution to the Tigers Club. Well done Champion.

Fortunately, his apprentice for the past 15 years Nic Vosnakes will step up into his timely shoes.

Richard Simpson Resurrects Glass Paneling on Growlers Deck

In 2015 major renovations took place at the Tigers Licensed Club and unfortunately many articles of memorabilia were dismantled to make way for a more modern decor – the Tigers Mulrooney Medal glass paneling being one such item of memorabilia.

Fortunately, the paneling was stored away and kept for prosperity and that time has occurred.

Reserve Grade Match Day Assistant Richard Simpson (Dad to Bart) has provided an invaluable amount of time to re-frame the glass panels which are now proudly displayed on the Deck of the Growlers area.

Each panel displays a Tigers player who has won the Mulrooney Medal except for the two most recent being Mitch Daniher and Kel Evans. Those two panels will be ordered over the summer and put in place for the 2020.

A huge thank you to Richard for his efforts. The new feature has gained favourable comment over the past two weeks since installation. Yet another wonderful effort from one of our fantastic volunteers.

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