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Walmsley Building Solutions Commits to 2019

In another boost for the tigers, our Female Programs Partner Walmsley Building Solutions has recommitted to club for the 2019


This is another significant signing for our female program as it shows that our level of commitment to our female players continues to be recognised and supported by the business community.

“We have been thrilled that our association with both the club and female program has allowed the girls to thrive” Director Chris Walmsley said

“Having played at the club, I know how much they put into their players and support staff so if I can contribute to this great club so they can continue to provide so much to so many I am happy to do so” he added

General Manager Adrian Pavese was also extremely happy to have Chris back on board in 2019 –

“To have former players wanting to give back to the club is something very special and never taken for granted” Pavese said

“We are very happy with how our 2nd Women’s team has progressed this year as well as the overall program, we couldn’t have resourced this without the support of Partners like Walmsley Building Solutions” he added.

If any other Partner would like to get involved with the club you can call General Manager Adrian Pavese anytime on 0429913436 or email and discuss a wide range of excellent Partnership Packages that would compliment your commitment today!

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