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Quotes from Tigers Legends

Addressing the players before the 1992 Grand Final,

Coach Brian Quade said..


"People say we’re lucky to be playing in our eighth straight grand final. I say that’s rubbish. All through the years this club has had to do things the hard way. There has been no pot of gold to buy players or pay players what they are worth, but that handicap has had the positive side effect of letting us develop into a team and club with great spirit. The harder we have worked, the more persistent we have become."

-Brian Quade

Alan Muir in casual conversation at the 100 Club Dinner

– 29 July 2000 said...


“This Club is the best Club in the world. Do you know why, I’ll tell you why. Because no-one is better than anybody else! That’s why!!”

-Alan Muir

Tony Wynd on the occasion of his 300th 1st Grade game said...

“It’s not the bricks and mortar that make a good Club. A quality Club needs quality people and the Tigers Club have plenty of those”

-Tony Wynd


James Dore after the Tigers six point victory against Eastlake at Queanbeyan when behind by 3 goals with 3 minutes left to play in atrocious wet conditions.

“This Club has special qualities I have not experienced at any other Club I have been associated with – and there has been a few!“

-James Dore

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