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2021 Men's Leadership Announced & Round 1 Preview

It's been a long time coming and the wait is over!

The Senior Competition Round 1 kicks off this weekend at Aulich Park as the Tigers hit the pitch and take on the greatly improved TVAFC in 4 grades.

As we head into the preview of games, the final piece of the Club Leadership was finalised Tuesday night with the announcement of the Men's Leadership Group for 2021. Like the women's program, the men's program have implemented the same format for leadership that keeps the club consistent with values and culture.

We are thrilled to announce the following:

The Performance leaders:

Joshua Bryce (1st Grade Captain)


Jed Simpson (Reserve Grade Captain)

The performance leaders are the leaders that appear on game day. They assess where the team is at during training and the team’s performance during games. Performance leaders are to maintain the team’s cohesiveness during a match, inspire unity and a high level of ferocity. They set the standards for other to strive to and lead by example on the field during games and training.

The Change room/Culture leaders:

Dean Ross & Jason Taylor

What you see on the field is only what is on the surface like an iceberg there is much more below. The team’s integrity relies upon not only the leaders on the field but also those behind the scenes.


Alec McCormick & Jonno Bowyer

The role is to keep the bonds of the team healthy, ensure all are good and okay. A team is made up of people and people need to relax and have a bit of fun. All teams have their own individual groups, the leader ensures that the groups get along and the bonds in the team remain strong.