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2021 Men's Leadership Announced & Round 1 Preview

It's been a long time coming and the wait is over!

The Senior Competition Round 1 kicks off this weekend at Aulich Park as the Tigers hit the pitch and take on the greatly improved TVAFC in 4 grades.

As we head into the preview of games, the final piece of the Club Leadership was finalised Tuesday night with the announcement of the Men's Leadership Group for 2021. Like the women's program, the men's program have implemented the same format for leadership that keeps the club consistent with values and culture.

We are thrilled to announce the following:

The Performance leaders:

Joshua Bryce (1st Grade Captain)


Jed Simpson (Reserve Grade Captain)

The performance leaders are the leaders that appear on game day. They assess where the team is at during training and the team’s performance during games. Performance leaders are to maintain the team’s cohesiveness during a match, inspire unity and a high level of ferocity. They set the standards for other to strive to and lead by example on the field during games and training.

The Change room/Culture leaders:

Dean Ross & Jason Taylor

What you see on the field is only what is on the surface like an iceberg there is much more below. The team’s integrity relies upon not only the leaders on the field but also those behind the scenes.


Alec McCormick & Jonno Bowyer

The role is to keep the bonds of the team healthy, ensure all are good and okay. A team is made up of people and people need to relax and have a bit of fun. All teams have their own individual groups, the leader ensures that the groups get along and the bonds in the team remain strong.

The Youth/Transition Leaders:

Tyler Collins & Andrew Swan

The Youth/transition leaders are responsible for the care taking of both junior players moving up into the senior teams and helping out new players to the team and the club. This doesn’t just secure the future of the club but the team as a whole. With leaders there showing new recruits the ropes and guiding young players into the senior structures the Youth/transition leaders actively help build links that can stand forever.

The Queanbeyan Tigers congratulate all of the leaders that will represent the club in 2021.

Round 1 Preview

Rising Stars

Numbers continue to be an issue for our RS squad however the team has a great bunch

of committed players and with both the Seniors and Juniors working closely together, there is no doubt this group will still be able to compete very well in season 2021.

It will be a very young squad with a sprinkling of top aged players led by Alessandro Sergi, Jack Armstrong and Jarrod Barker who will add older heads to the group. We then add the likes of the younger talent in son of a gun Bailee Gilbert, Lachlan Fitzpatrick and Dayne Posthuma to name a few which should give balance and lead the charge of our younger brigade to follow.

This will be an exciting year for the lads as we look to integrate the squads into the senior footy club and gradually get them prepared for life as a senior footballer.

Reserve Grade Men

Having pushed through injuries late last year which ultimately led to their exit in the 1st week of finals, this group has worked hard in the off season and are ready to go.

Experienced Coach Paul James has taken the reigns of the group which will hold the team in good stead with balancing players pushing for senior selection. Added to this is the appointment of club favourite Jed Simpson as Captain.

Jed's appointment is perfect for those aspiring to be senior players as Jed has loads of experience in what it takes to work hard and build resilience in the fight for a spot, plus Jed still wants his senior spot so there is no one better for these players to use as a role model.

Reserve Grade success is hard to obtain in terms of silverware with players coming in and out but their success will be easily recognised with the amount of players who develop and gain that 1st grade opportunity through out the course of the year.

1st Grade Men

There is no better feeling than raising your Premiership Flag at home in Round 1 which is what the 1st grade boys will experience this Saturday.

Then it's back to business as the Premiership defense starts in earnest against the Valley. Tuggeranong have recruited well and with another preseason under experienced coach Jimmy Rice there is no doubt this will be a cracking game.

With the Tigers losing 7 players from their 2020 premiership squad, the club has been fortunate to replenish stocks with Jacob May (North Wagga), Joe Stapleton (CSU), Daniel Potts (Perth), Isaac Edgar (Albury) and Jackson Ritchie (VAFA) to name a few joining the club in 2021.

Added to these players is the fact the club has held onto 80% of the 2020 playing group

as well as seeing the return of former players & local juniors Sam Jensen, Kieran Shea, Daniel Hespe, Josh Fahey and Jayden Lehman. To complete the playing squad will be the return of long term injured players with Tyler Collins (Rnd 1), Dean Lord (Rnd 5) and Aidan Bowyer (Rnd 8).

Now it's all about starting off the year and hopefully banking some good early performances which sets up the season ahead.

1st Grade Women

Following 4 Grand Finals, 2 Premierships over the last 4 years, the Women's 1st Grade are now working through a rebuild with many seasoned players moving onto other facets of life.

With rebuild also comes excitement and the club has been thrilled to be able to keep playing stocks well nourished with an influx of new & experienced players as well as local junior talent coming through the system.

Adding to the Tigerettes in 2021 will be Laura Russell (Maq Uni), Danica Pedersen (St Kilda), Hollie Betts (Narooma), Tanika Bruce (Wodonga Raiders) and Mindy Quade (Wagga) to name a few as well as a host of new players giving the game a go.

The team will be led by Tigerette superstar Ella Ross along with Ruby Grounds,

Ash Jakim, Kate Woodward, the Hamilton sisters Lexi, Jayde & Cynthia, Jess Stramandinoli, Anita Manning and Ellen Squire leading the charge in 2021. We also can't wait to see the return of Amy Morschel who returns from long term injury.

So all being good and equal, the rebuild should still see the Tigerettes challenge again in 2021 and hopefully continue the outstanding growth of our women's program.

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