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A Big day for the Tigers!

What a fantastic week for the Queanbeyan Tigers Club.

The entire week leading up to the Round 1 Clash against Eastlake in all Grades (except for the Ladies Reserve Grade wh

o played Molonglo) was devoted to making sure Allinsure Park would be in the best possible shape for the opening of the 2018 season.

From Monday through to early Saturday morning finishing touches were being made around the facility with tremendous effort by a group of volunteers ensuring the ground looked its best along with catering for approximately 180 people on the final night of training.

Some enormous thanks are extended to Luke Thompson and Ian Bowyer and their work colleagues for supplying and installing a new roof on the LEGENDS STAND. To Josh Bryce and crew for the maintenance of the surrounds at the ground. To Wally Thompson and his gang of volunteers for the roast spit on Thursday evening and to the Queanbeyan Palerang Regional Council for their efforts throughout the week.  Wally Gisik and Steve Grocott worked tirelessly making sure the renovation to the members area and sponsor signs was complete for the day along with the installation of the PA System.

Saturday would be an enormous day for the Club. See below a press release from John Barilaro:

Tigerettes Reserve Grade

It commenced at Rockley Oval at 10.00am with the first ever game for the new Tigerettes Reserve Grade team under Coaches Tim Hull and Robert Anderson. An exciting 2-point victory by games end commenced the day well for the Club. Congratulations to all the Ladies in this team along with team managers and coaches.Queanbeyan Tigers1.0  1.0  2.2  3.2 (20)Molonglo Juggernauts1.2  1.3  2.5  2.6 (18)

Queanbeyan Tigers

Goal Kickers: S. Arcus, M. Philpot, M. Margosis Best Players: C. Edwards, M. Galloway, M. Margosis, G. Michl, J. Shea, H. Rauter

Molonglo Juggernauts

Goal Kickers: H. McIntosh, A. Wynants Best Players: C. Caitcheon, E. Darman, M. Clayden, J. Froud, K. Lane, A. Neideck

Tigers Under 18 Rising Stars

At AllInsure Park the day commenced with the Tigers Under 18 Grade team taking the field against Eastlake – a clash of the two unbeaten teams at this early stage of the year. It would be a thrilling encounter with the Tigers notching up a win.Queanbeyan       2.0  4.1  7.4  8.6 (54)Eastlake       0.3  2.3  4.5  6.6 (42)


Goal Kickers: J. Fahey 3, L. Squire 2, L. Russell, W. Taylor, J. Gay Best Players: A. Bowyer, J. Micallef, B. Rauter, L. Squire, N. Wright, J. Fahey


Goal Kickers: L. Dowse, W. Freer, J. Geerdink, A. Emslie-smith, J. Reed, L. Junk-Gibson Best Players: J. Askew, J. Reed, B. O”Dea, H. Deane-Dare, J. Geerdink, J. McCormack

Tigers Men’s Reserve Grade

Our 2017 Grand Finalist Reserve Grade team took the field for the next game but unfortunately were well beaten by a strong Eastlake combination.Queanbeyan    0.2  0.4  3.6  5.7 (37)Eastlake    3.1  5.5  7.7   10.8 (68)


Goal Kickers: B. Fruend 2, B. Gisik, S. Kyle, M. McKenzie Best Players: M. Gorman, D. Lord, J. Bridger, E. Maatouk, J. Bowyer, M. McKenzie


Goal Kickers: J. Crowe 3, J. Kerin 2, J. Dowse 2, A. Watt, M. McCormack , B. Fenech Best Players: J. Henderson, A. Watt, A. Mole, H. Block, J. Collingridge, M. D”Amico

Tigerettes 1st Grade

During the Reserve Grade game, the Tigerettes 1st Grade team were invited to raise the 2017 Premiership flag with long serving Team Manager Joan Vosnakes and the Tigerettes successful coach Cheyne Webster having the honours.

It was a fantastic occasion as it was the first 1st Grade Premiership to cross the border for the Tigerettes following their three successive 2nd Division Premierships for the period 2013 to 2015.

Unfortunately, the Tigerettes 1st Grade team lost the encounter to Eastlake.Queanbeyan  0.2  0.4  1.4  2.6 (18)Eastlake  4.0  5.0  5.3  5.3 (33)


Goal Kickers: C. Hamilton, A. Tupper Best Players: A. Dwyer, K. Dobing, T. Campbell, K. Reid, L. Flakelar, J. Stramandinoli


Goal Kickers: H. Gill, K. Rose, E. Criticos, N. Allen, O. Fogarty Best Players: E. Hosking, (. Johnson, N. Allen, E. Criticos, C. Nolan, O. Fo

Queanbeyan/Palerang Mayor Tim Overall, Allinsure Principal Partner Peter Chamberlain, Tigers GM Adrian Pavese and Honorable Member for Monaro and NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro

During this encounter the official switching on of the new lights occurred with a ceremony taking place in front of the Growlers Members Area.

In attendance were dignitaries – the Honorable Member for Monaro and NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro, Mayor of the Queanbeyan Palerang Region Tim Overall and Principal Sponsor Peter Chamberlain from Allinsure

Both John and Tim are highly regarded in the District for their outstanding support of the local Sporting Communities over many years of service in the public domain.

It was an historic occasion for the club and indeed the Queanbeyan Community.

The State Government contributed $200,000 towards the new lights with the Queanbeyan Palerang Regional Council contributing $250,000 through various grant opportunities.

The new lights replaced floodlights that were installed and paid for by the Tigers Club way back in 1980 – some 38 years ago.  Former General Manager of the Tigers Michael Goiser performed the duties of MC for the occasion.

Men’s Tigers 1st Grade

The new lights featured during the evenings clash between the Tigers and Eastlake which would be the 267th occasion the two teams have met (as per records available).  Queanbeyan winning 118 times, Eastlake 147 times with one result unknown.  (There was a period in the sixties and early seventies spanning a period of 15 years where Queanbeyan failed to win a match against the powerful Eastlake Club).

On this occasion the Tigers ran out comfortable victors posting 6 goals in the last quarter.Queanbeyan  1.3  4.7  6.10  12.14 (86)Eastlake  0.5  1.10  2.14  4.15 (39)


Goal Kickers: T. Clowry 3, Z. Derksen 3, A. Page, B. Lagana, M. Grocott, J. Carroll-Tape, K. Evans, J. Bryce Best Players: D. Simpson, T. Clowry, K. Evans, J. Bryce, J. Bowyer, T. Conroy


Goal Kickers: J. Elwin, L. Tutty, S. Darcy, M. Frail Best Players: J. Elwin, M. Frail, M. Pert, C. O”Rourke, S. Askew, L. Flaherty

Tribute to Ray Daniel

The entire game day was a tribute to long serving volunteer Ray “Razor” Daniel who passed away last October from a sudden heart attack which rocked the entire Tigers Club Family.

He was indeed one of the most popular volunteers in the Club and this was shown by way of a tribute being included on the Tigers playing uniform through the grades.

Black arm bands were worn in all grades while players of the Men’s 1st and Reserve Grade teams make a visit to Ray at the Queanbeyan Lawn Cemetery prior to their respective grades.

At the end of the main match associates of the club gathered in the centre of the ground for a moments silence after Club Chaplain Scotty Minchin had delivered some wonderful words in honour of “Razor”

Thanks, and Appreciation

It was a long day for those who had been involved from 7.30am through to the close of business at 8.30pm. The Club extends is sincere thanks to all those who assisted – particularly in the areas of the Juniors Canteen, our wonderful Sports Medicine Trainers, Timekeepers, Team Management and a special thank you to our hard working and inspirational volunteers.

Please accept an apology if we have missed anyone who contributed to an outstanding event for the Tigers Club.

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