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A big day of Sunday Footy – Round 5 Review

It was another big day last Sunday as we welcomed the Belconnen Magpies to Allinsure for a Top of the Table Clash in both the Men’s and Women’s 1st

The Super Two’s Men’s and Women’s both returned to the winners circle with impressive wins vs the Magpies and Blues respectively. It was an impressive performance by both teams with the men’s finally clicking and playing to potential and the women’s getting some great reward for the hard work they are putting in.

With the Rising Stars welcoming back a host of stars this week only made Chris’s selection headaches worse. Squire, Grant, Russell, Dawson, Bowyer and Foley all returned to the currently undefeated squad which allowed U15s players Fahey, Rauter and Gilbert the chance to have a rest having played two games over the past 3 weeks. After a sluggish start the boys again showed true grit and wore down the Magpies to get the win.

The Day was also a highlight for the club as we welcomed Patrick Chapman and his family to the game to celebrate Indigenous Round. Patrick

The full results are recorded below and for full competition Ladders click on the below link –

Photo Gallery at the bottom of this article – Photos by Danny Webster.

Under 18 Grade Rising Stars


Goal Kickers: W. Taylor 4, H. Hunter 3, L. Squire, J. Foley, M. Seears, J. Stephinson Best Players: K. Dawson, N. Wright, S. Rusanov, J. Stephinson, L. Squire, S. Frost


Goal Kickers: T. McInnes, T. Simpson, Z. Dolliver Best Players: B. Hourn, J. Rees, M. Monaghan, T. Doyle, A. Wenke, C. Hourn

Women’s Division 2

Queanbeyan Tigers

Goal Kickers: J. Shea 2, B. Smyth, S. Arcus, M. Hurley, A. Tupper Best Players: A. Kolano, C. D”Elboux, J. Shea, M. Hurley, S. Arcus, G. Michl

Woden Blues

Goal Kickers: B. Castle Best Players: K. Salvestro , A. Buckley, J. Carter, B. Castle, B. Evans, L. Winter

Reserve Grade Men


Goal Kickers: D. Lord 4, D. Lucas, J. Bridger, N. Verma, A. Lo Pilato Best Players: H. McKenzie, D. Lord, D. Ross, N. Irwin , P. Slater, M. Bernasconi


Goal Kickers: K. Ruyg 4, N. Kelly Best Players: K. Ruyg, J. Gregory, J. Dunn, C. Baker, T. Baker, A. Gatenby

Women’s Division 1


Goal Kickers: H. Dunn, J. Stramandinoli Best Players: H. Dunn, G. Stephinson, J. Stramandinoli, T. Campbell, L. Watson, K. Medhurst


Not Supplied

First Grade Men


Goal Kickers: T. Clowry 3, K. Evans 2, M. Lawrence 2, C. Palombi, Z. Derksen Best Players: J. Kirkwood, K. Evans, L. Greenwell, T. Clowry, M. Grocott, D. Simpson


Goal Kickers: C. York 5, S. Fisher 2, D. Bunyan 2, B. Hoffmann, L. Haddrill, A. Bennett, B. Walker Best Players: S. Fisher, J. Bennett, B. Chapman, C. York , B. Hoffmann, T. Alexander

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