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A Message from Chris Clifton – Rising Stars Coach

After fantastic 2016 season for the Cubs, 2017 is promising to be just as exciting and rewarding. I welcome all new players and families to the Rising Stars from the Junior grades and also welcome back our existing Rising Stars players.

The Queanbeyan Tigers is a proud and respected club within the AFL community. As a part of this outfit I look forward to meeting new players at pre-Christmas training commencing Tuesday 15 November. See article: Pre-Christmas training starts Tuesday 15 Nov

Below is some player information regarding the 2017 season.

The Coaches Box: At the end of the 2016 season we said farewell to Jason Moore and Jeremy McDonald. They were instrumental in the development and success of the Rising Stars group. Jason will be investing time in his family and his young son who is climbing the ranks of the Junior Tigers. Jeremy will be chasing an overseas cricket contract in England.

Good luck and farewell to both and thank you for all that you done over the 2016 season.

For the 2017 season it is with great pleased I announce Aaron Tape, Luke Thompson, Kenny Sissons, and Andrew Harvey as the Rising Stars assistant coaching group.

Aaron moves from the Rising Stars midfield line coach and runner and will assume the Senior Assistant Coach role. We welcome Luke Thompson and Kenny Sissons who are moving up from the premiership-winning from Tigers U17s). Luke will assume the midfield line coach role and Kenny will assume the position of runner and match day mentor. I would also like to welcome Andrew Harvey who comes to us from a sporting background particularly in cricket and rugby and will assume the role of boundary and interchange coach.

We believe we have assembled a fantastic group and we look forward to developing, coaching and mentoring the players to prepare them as senior footballers into the future.

Training: Rising Stars pre-Christmas training will be held on Tuesday 15 November 2016, from 5-6:30pm at Allinsure Park. Training will run Tuesday’s and Thursdays for 5 weeks and will conclude on 15 December.

The pre-Christmas program has been designed as a step into a 13 week pre-season commencing late January 2017. It is important that all players understand the transition from Junior to Senior football and aware of the expectations and responsibilities that come with being a Tigers Rising Star player in 2017.

The training routine will vary, but will consist of the following activities: Craft (skills), Warm-up, Craft extension drills, fitness training, skills training, isolation training, game sense drills, education development sessions, game plan development and structure development. Throughout the 2017 pre-season there will also be integration with First and Second Grade, a senior pre-season camp, and social functions. It is encouraged that all Rising Stars players attend where possible.

A copy of the training program is attached: Rising Stars 2016 pre-Christmas training program

What to expect as a Queanbeyan Tigers Rising Star in 2017: 2017 promises to be challenging and rewarding as you get back on the track ready to tackle the 2017 season. The 2017 pre-season will challenge you physically and mentally as the coaching group guide you to strive for excellence in attitude and effort. Physical fitness combined with self-discipline to do the extra work is just some of the formulas that we will develop within the group.  A focus on continued skill development, structures, routines and football education will also play a part in our preparation for senior football, and for Round 1. Mate-ship, a commitment to the team and club, and the enjoyment of the game is what we want you to experience as a Queanbeyan Tigers Rising Star.

The Queanbeyan Tigers carry a large amount of history within its veins. I encourage you to become part of it and continue the history into the future.

See you all in pre-Christmas and pre-season training.

Chris Clifton

Rising Stars contacts 2017 Head Coach: Chris Clifton – 0419 407 764 Senior Assistant Coach: Aaron Tape – 0402 311 632 Assistant Coach (Midfield): Luke Thompson – 0407 444 601 Assistant Coach (Boundary): Andrew Harvey – 0457 432 372 Assistant Coach (Runner / Mentor): Kenny Sissons – 0411 773 373

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