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A Tough day at Manuka – Round 6 Review

It was a tough weekend for the Tigers following a bright start for the club on the Friday night with the Rising Stars recording another solid win over

rivals Eastlake at Kingston Oval.

This was followed by the Women’s Super Two’s claiming back to back wins for the first time this season with a great win over the Cootamundra Blues at Rockley. However after this two impressive performances it was down hill with the Women’s and Men’s First Grade and Super Two’s men soundly beaten by the Demons.

The bye has come at the right time for the tigers following back to back loses in the Senior Grades as it allows the coaches and players to regroup and hopefully find improvements to areas of their game as we continue to strive for success.

Meantime the newly formed Super Two’s Women’s squad have shown they will not be push overs from here on following two impressive performances. Added to these results are the Rising Stars who continue to set the bench mark for the competition.

Overall it has been a good start to the year for the club and with plenty of games to come following the bye the tigers are well placed in all grades for the push towards the finals. The teams got to release the shackles later on the Saturday night and enjoyed the Double Denim Disco night!

Following the Bye we host the Tuggeranong Hawks on Sunday 17th June at Allinsure Park, this game will be highlight by the way of the Tigers calling out to all players, coaches, members and supporters to “WEAR YOUR FOOTY SCARF DAY” Further details to follow next week.

The full results are recorded below and for full competition Ladders click on the below link –

A full Photo Gallery is available on the Queanbeyan Tigers Facebook Page – Photos by Danny Webster.

Women’s Division 2



Queanbeyan Tigers

Goal Kickers: A. Kolano 2, J. Shea 2, C. Hull, S. Dal Santo, A. Glover Best Players: A. Kolano, S. Armistead, S. Dal Santo, C. D”Elboux, K. Pye, Y. Helmers

Cootamundra Blues

Goal Kickers: S. Bloor 2, E. Large, C. Shaw, R. Smith Best Players: S. Bloor, T. Vander Zwan, M. Perceval , G. Silk, S. Ormond, R. Smith

Rising Stars




Goal Kickers: W. Taylor 7, H. Hunter 2, B. Greenwood, A. Bowyer, J. Fahey, N. Wagland Best Players: H. Straker, B. Greenwood, J. Stephinson, W. Taylor, H. Grant, A. Bowyer


Goal Kickers: A. Noble, J. Geerdink, T. Kennealy, J. McCormack, J. Sands Best Players: J. McCormack, J. Askew, B. O”Dea, T. Kennealy, G. Saunders, M. Laduzko

Women’s Division 1




Goal Kickers: A. Tupper 2, J. Hamilton Best Players: H. Dunn, T. Campbell, A. Tupper, J. Hamilton, L. Watson, C. Res


Goal Kickers: K. Demant 2, K. Rose 2, M. Johnson, R. Prince, M. Phokos, N. Allen Best Players: A. Lound, K. Demant , N. Allen, A. Brearley, T. Wilkinson-Shore, A. Schoo

Reserve Grade




Goal Kickers: A. Lo Pilato 2, B. Reid, T. Shea, D. Lord, D. Ross Best Players: P. Slater, B. Reid, A. Lawder, D. Ross, J. Bridger, W. Morshead


Goal Kickers: M. Peterson 3, I. Gallahar 2, A. Watt, J. Williams, J. Ellis, M. McCormack , N. Ryan Best Players: J. Elwin, I. Gallahar, J. Collingridge, M. D”Amico, B. Cunningham, M. Peterson

First Grade




Goal Kickers: B. Fruend 3, M. Grocott 3, M. Bernasconi, M. Lawrence, J. Taylor Best Players: K. Evans, J. Bryce, M. Grocott, B. Fruend, N. Irwin , A. McCORMICK


Goal Kickers: L. Flaherty 4, J. Hancock 3, S. De Sousa 2, D. Biermann 2, C. O”Rourke, L. Lupton, D. Roberts Best Players: C. O”Rourke, L. Flaherty, G. McMahon, J. Henderson, R. McMahon, J. Hancock

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