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Blewitt Properties commits to 2019!

This will be their 3rd year of their Partnership with the club and General Manager Adrian Pavese thrilled to have Blewitt’s back on board.

“Brenden and the team at Blewitt’s provide such an important partnership to our club which is never taken for granted” Pavese said

“To find income to buy the amount of footballs we need in one season is extremely tough, however with the Partnership we have built with Blewitt’s allows us to provide new Sherrins for our men’s team consistently and is truly appreciated”

“The other advantage of having the quality Partners we have involved in our club is that they are companies we can easily promote and utilize their services, I am using Blewitt’s expertise right now trying to sell my property and their service has been simply outstanding” he added

So if you too are looking at buying, selling or renting make sure you support another one of our great Partnerships and call Blewitt Properties today!

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