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Bobby & Chook Inducted into the Queanbeyan Sporting Hall of Fame!

At the opening of the new extensions to the Queanbeyan Indoor Sports Centre and revamped Queanbeyan Sporting Gallery, the Queanbeyan Sporting Gallery Committee took the opportunity to induct 5 new members that included our very own Robert “Bobby” Griffin and Ron “Chook” Fowlie.

The Queanbeyan Sporting Gallery recognises the achievements of sporting men and women of the greater Queanbeyan area. The gallery is housed in the Q-One Indoor Sports Centre.

The inaugural Associate level of the Hall of Fame will now include some of Queanbeyan’s best administrators and volunteers that have given outstanding service and dedication to the various sports in Queanbeyan.

Booby and Chook join Brian Quade, Tony Wynd and the other 111 members in the prestigious Hall of Fame. Other members in the Hall of Fame include Mark Webber, Ricky Stuart, Brad Haddin and David Campese to name a few.

It’s an outstanding recognition to both gentleman for what they have given to the Mighty Tigers and for Bobby the Canberra Raiders as well.

The QTAFC expresses their sincere congratulations to both Bobby and Chook for everything they have done and continue to do for the great club.

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