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Club Stalwart wins Major Award!

Wally Thompson recognised at Mulrooney Medal Night!

AFL Canberra Volunteer of the Award

Numerous awards crossed the border is 2010, but one went unnoticed.

The AFL Canberra Volunteer of the Award named last Friday at the Tuggeranong Hawks Grand Final Lunch went to our own Wally Thompson. AFL Canberra Managing Director Geoff Gosling announced the award much to the surprise of Wally and his wife Lesley who were in attendance but unaware of any such acknowledgment being made.

Geoff Gosling had inside knowledge of the amount of time and effort afforded to the Tigers Club by Wally Thompson with Geoff being a former Chairman of the Tigers Club.

He described Wally as being one of the most liked football volunteers in the League. His contribution to the Tigers Club spans many decades and includes being timekeeper, masseur and roustabout / handyman. Over the summer of 2009 / 2010 he along with other volunteers mainly Noel Miller, Graham Harmer, Mark Lindbeck and current player Neil Irwin – worked tirelessly to upgrade facilities at Dairy Farmers Park.

In addition to the above mentioned – he along with wife Lesley – provide after match refreshments for the senior grade team (and others) in what are described as the best sandwiches ever made.

Wally Thompson certainly deserves the AFL Canberra Volunteer of the Year Award. We congratulate and thank him for his tireless work for our organisation.

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