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Debutantes highlight an unusual round of footy!

It was an unusual week off the field last week with plenty going on with our Southern neighbors and their forfeit of the Super Two’s men’s game.

However the last two weeks have been extremely fruitful for the club with a number of debutantes being given their chance in both the 1st grade men’s and women’s teams. Over the past two weeks Lachlan Squire, Matthew McKenzie, Maddi Czubara and Kelsey Pye have added to the already big list of players who have started their senior careers in 2018.

On field we had mixed results with the Rising Stars suffering their first defeat last Wednesday vs. the Magpies in a make up game. Despite mising 12 regular players they played well above expectation to only go down by 7 points. Our Super two’s women came up against a tough ANU outfit that are currently second but again showed they will be a force to be reckoned with once finals come around.

Our two Senior teams both had comfortable wins however it was the manor in which the teams went about their game which was a highlight. It’s always tough when you dominate an opposition but our tigers showed commitment to the structures and played well.

For the ladders and other results please click on this link:





Goal Kickers: N. Wright 3, W. Taylor 2, W. Derksen, B. Blakers Best Players: J. Manners, C. O”Shea, S. Frost, J. Stephinson, K. Dawson, A. Bowyer




ANU Griffins

Goal Kickers: J. Parry 2, H. Rutherford 2, C. Roy 2, D. Distefano Best Players: K. Faigl, M. Pascoe, L. Chow, B. Betteridge, F. Merrell, C. Whitefield

Queanbeyan Tigers

Goal Kickers: J. Shea, M. Margosis Best Players: K. Pye, M. Galloway, M. Hurley, M. Margosis, C. D”Elboux, K. Helmers





Goal Kickers: A. Wren Best Players: K. Greenacre, N. Monger, A. Ghirardello, K. Davoren, T. Single, A. Novello


Goal Kickers: L. Watson 3, C. Hamilton 2, H. Dunn 2, T. Hedington 2, A. Hamilton 2, T. Evans 2, J. Stramandinoli, M. Godfrey, K. Dobing, M. Czubara Best Players: T. Evans, H. Dunn, J. Stramandinoli, L. Watson, A. Hamilton, K. Dobing





Goal Kickers: D. Lord 4, A. Page 3, B. Fruend 2, B. Lagana 2, M. Grocott 2, K. Evans 2, N. Irwin , J. Taylor, J. Hedington, T. Conroy Best Players: T. Conroy, K. Evans, J. Lehman, A. Page, M. Grocott, L. Squire

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