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Demons to classy – eventually.

Neil Irwin played best game of the season but couldn't lift the team for a win.

NEAFL The Tigers journey in 2011 towards a finals spot took an almighty dive last Saturday at the hands of the Demons who powered away in the last term. The final score probably doesn’t indicate the closeness of the game but in all fairness Eastlake were certainly more accomplished on the day.

The loss of Mitch Daniher (knee) and Travis Bull (ankle) from the team prior to the match plus Jon Elias early in the opening term didn’t help matters. Add those to the growing list of injuries which includes key personal in Andrew Swan, Matt Liddle and now Tim Cook.

With those injuries plus the loss of its Coach mid season, the NEAFL team is certainly doing it tough at the moment. The positives far out way the negatives as there is a new group of youngsters coming through the ranks and the more game time they receive the better they will be.

Coach Adrian Pavese will take some positives from the outcome of last Saturdays loss.

Even though there are critics in the manner in which the team has folded in the last term of three particular matches this year, Pavese emphasised the importance of continuing to develop its young players in what was always going to be a developing year. They will take time to gain experience and with that comes maturity and the spirit of the Tigers of old.

Regardless of the result, two “old” heads Will Griggs and Todd Dickinson certainly put their hands up along with Neil Irwin, Tom Hollis and Toby Conroy.

Eastlake 5 4 7 5 10 11 15 16 (106) Queanbeyan 3 1 5 3 8 4 8 6 (54)Eastlake Goal Kickers: M. Egan 3, D. ROULSTONE 3, S. SMITH 2, M. TUCKER 2, H. Armstrong 2, A. Wiles , M. TAYLFORTH , L. McMAHON Best Players: A. Wiles, A. BRUCE, L. McMAHON, D. ROULSTONE, J. GUMLEY, M. FRAIL Queanbeyan Goal Kickers: J. Kavanagh 2, M. Wescombe , R. Quade , P. Franchi , S. Daniel , T. Conroy , A. Overs Best Players: T. Hollis, N. Irwin, R. Jaques, J. Kirkwood, R. Quade, T. Conroy

Reserve Grade

The Tigers Reserve Grade suffered only their third loss of the season going down by ten points. It was an unexpected loss as the selected team looked strong on paper but failed to provide the goods on the playing arena.

A four goal opening term (all kicked by full-forward Daniel Campbell) look promising against the wind but for the remainder of the match the Tigers didn’t look like the team that posted a victory over the previously unbeaten Ainslie combination a week prior.

‘”Piggy” was well held for the balance of the match and with goal sneak David Corcoran siting in the stands, the Tigers didn’t have another option up forward. Down back the ever reliable Paul Briedis stood tall often repelling a consistent Demons attack. Jake Oram played another solid game along with Paul Slater coming through the 2nds after injury.

EASTLAKE 3 3 5 4 9 5 10 8 (68) QUEANBEYAN 4 0 7 2 8 2 9 4 (58)EASTLAKE Goal Kickers: L. HADDRILL 3, C. SQUIRES 3, A. Tucker , N. Perry , A. Gordon , A. THORMAN Best Players: M. WILLIAMS, J. BOX, L. HADDRILL, A. Godfrey, D. Ryall, A. WATT QUEANBEYAN Goal Kickers: D. Campbell 5, T. LEE , J. Oram , J. DANIEL , D. JABORNIK Best Players: P. Briedis, J. Oram, P. Slater, J. Brooker, C. Haddock, D. Campbell

Under 18 Grade

So close but so far away.

The Tigers Under 18 grade team pushed the second placed team all the way last Saturday but failed to take the points in what was an entertaining match throughout.

They went down by only six points.

Both teams seemed to be missing players of note but that didn’t stop players from either team having a red hot go at the footy. PJ Maher stood out for the Tigers. With a mop of blonde hair flowing in the wind, he managed to post four goals from limited opportunities. Youngster Jason Taylor was outstanding throughout with his enormous will to win the hard footy a feature. Jake Robinson was another who stood tall on the day as did Daniel Hespe and the ever reliable and determined Jack Bowyer.

EASTLAKE 2 5 2 5 3 7 7 8 (50) QUEANBEYAN 0 0 2 2 3 2 7 2 (44)EASTLAKE Goal Kickers: J. Johnson 4, M. Bayly , E. Haron , M. Smith Best Players: D. Owen, B. CIUFFETELLI, M. Smith, M. Bayly, B. McSpadden QUEANBEYAN Goal Kickers: P. Maher 4, A. Hasler , A. Kenworthy , K. King Best Players: P. Maher, J. TAYLOR, J. Robinson, L. Dowling, D. HESPE, J. Bowyer
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