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Donors and Volunteers help complete Legends Stand sign and more…

Several weeks ago club legend Mark “Merv” Armstrong put a call out to all past and current players, members of the 100 Club, and Tigers supporters asking for contributions to help fund an update of the Legends Stand sign on the Growlers Deck.

Within a day or two several donors had contributed to the cause, promoting Merv to comment “What a Club!” in response to a text advising him of how many donors had come forward already and how much had been raised.

We are pleased to announce that through the very generous support of those listed below, the project has all but been fully funded (donations are still being gratefully received).

Many have commented how eye catching the new design is and how much better it looks than the old weathered sign that stood at the front of the Growlers Deck for 17 years.

  1. A huge thanks to the following, in no particular order:

  2. Ryan Quade

  3. Paul Williams

  4. Phil McClure

  5. Mal Corcoran

  6. Lisa Bush

  7. Mark Armstrong

  8. Michael Goiser

  9. Matt Liddle

  10. Van Rakowski

  11. Col Imrie

  12. Paul Walshe

  13. Ron Fowlie

  14. Hayden Kelly

  15. and Leader Graphics who provided the installation free of charge.

As well as updating the Legends Stand sign and thanking the donors, we also need to acknowledge and thank the many others who have helped make our home ground and its facilities some of the best in the region.

Long time sponsor Frank Palombi has added concreting to provide a floor to the Diary Farmers marquee that sits beside our interchange bench as well as widen the path to the oval and provide extra concreted areas in front of the grandstand extension completed in 2014.

Former player Gerard Johnson helped with a new wider gate onto the ground and fixed many broken fence panels surrounding the oval.

Current player Dean Lord, who is an apprentice carpenter, has put plenty of hours of his own time into finishing off walls in the coaches briefing room and shelves in the Juniors store room.

Electrician Ryan Price, who is also a current player, looked after the installation of some new ceiling heaters above the rub down tables and medical area of the change rooms while Hayden Kelly has applied his plumbing skills in repairing a failed under-bench hot water heater in the canteen.

Fred Gisik and Darryl Taylor continue to do whatever they are asked in respect to any small handyman jobs around the place, including recently installing a blind to provide shelter in front of the BBQ area.

Wally Gisik has sourced and installed new table tops to many of the tables on the Growlers Deck and is also working on a new feature wall in the change rooms where we will be able to display the glass panels depicting Mulrooney Medalists that were a feature of the entrance to the Tigers Club before the current renovation.

And no doubt, with a host of hungry boys and girls after Thursday night training sessions, the players reserve a huge thanks to Di McGinley who provides soup, curry or pasta most Thursday evenings as well as making sandwiches for the men’s teams for after each game.

Thanks to those listed above and to everyone else who contributes to the enviable culture of our club through their contributions and volunteering.

Legends sign donors and volunteers
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