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Enormous Day for the Tigers Club.

The silverware may not have crossed the border last Sunday, but the pride of the Tigers certainly did with a magnificent effort from everyone who attended AFL Canberra Grand Final Day at Manuka Oval.


In perfect conditions, and with a strong supporter group throughout the day – the Tigers Under 18 Grade Rising Stars were def

eated after the siren, the Men’s Reserve Grade succumbed to a polished Tricolors opponent while the Tigerettes 1st Grade battled all evening before going down to a strong Eastlake opponent by 12 points.  The Tigerettes Reserves created their own history by winning their first finals match at ADFA Oval.

Ainslie Football Club

Congratulations to the Ainslie Football Club on achieving success in all three grades. This is by far the ultimate on Grand Final Day and without doubt an achievement well-earned considering the nature and closeness of the respective competitions.

The on-field performances of the AFC are the benchmark for all Clubs to strive for.

Our 6th Team

A huge thank you to our volunteer group that were in attendance all day from 7.30am to What a magnificent group of people we are privileged to have involved with our organisation.  In between the Reserve Grade GF and the Tigerettes GF, the club had to move change rooms and this was done without any hassle due mainly to everyone pitching in and assisting including many players and supporters.  At one stage between matches there were 22 volunteers waiting in the rooms enjoying their own company and that of food prepared by others within the Club.

In a fitting gesture and in front of a large gathering of all associates at the Licensed Club that evening, the volunteers were given a standing ovation by all in attendance. Thank you again – You were the winners on the day.



What a wonderful turnout from our many supporters and followers. A sea of black and gold was evident throughout Grand Final Day whether in the stands or on the left wing of the Menzies Stand.

They were vocal, respectful and encouraging and a credit to the Tigers Club in every way. There were large gatherings attending the run-on of the teams in the respective grades but none more so than when the Tigerettes ventured on the field.

The Publican at the Public Bar in Manuka called in extra staff at one stage as the Supporter Group enjoyed a few refreshments and oiled their vocal cords between the Tigers Reserve Grade Grand Final and the Tigerettes match under lights that evening.  It was a wave of black and gold from one end of the establishment to the other and truly showed the Tigers Spirit in 2019.

Thank you for the encouragement and enthusiasm on display.

Sunday at the Licensed Club and Mad Monday

Thank you to our Licensed Club (in particular Amanda and Brooke) for decorating the Club Sunday afternoon for the festivities that eve

ning.  It was great to have the support of the L/C when returning to the Club that evening without the silverware.

Mad Monday was just that with an array of costumes on display by the players and once again a huge effort by the volunteers who assisted with the BBQ etc. At one stage there were approx. 100 in attendance enjoying yet another spirited gathering.  Thanks to those who assisted particularly Ewan Ross, Josh and Adrian Pavese.

A big thank you to Danny Webster & Michael Goiser (filling in for Sam Franks) for the wonderful photos – For the full gallery of Grand Final photos plus the Super twos women’s final, visit the Tigers page on Facebook.


Under 18 Grade Rising Stars

A disappointing day for this talented group of youngsters.

Without doubt they were the favorites to take the title considering just one loss for the entire season (and that was when a deferred game was played

on a Wednesday night and the side was missing 12 players).

Full credit to the Ainslie lads who played a consistent brand of footy.

The Tigers took the lead with just a minute remaining on the clock and look set to take the title. An unfortunate free kick and subsequent (very controversial 50m penalty) resulted in ball movement into the Ainslie forward line for a strong mark to be taken and the siren sounding.

An after the siren goal devasted the playing and coaching group who had devoted so much time and effort into the season.

These young Tigers have been an absolute credit to the Tigers Club this year and the future certainly looks bright if it can maintain them in the Club in coming years but particularly so for season 2019.

Thank you to all assisted with the team this year. To the Coaching staff (especially Chris Clifton for his incredible passion and desire for the players), through team Management and Sports Trainers to the Club Chaplain who has spent many untold hours developing the players off field personalities and welfare issues.

The rewards of being involved with such an outstanding group of people and players far out way any other accolades including premiership medallions. We are extremely proud of your efforts.

Grand Final




Goal Kickers: J. Fahey 2, H. Hunter, J. Stephinson, J. Gilbert, B. Greenwood, H. Grant Best Players: B. Greenwood, A. Bowyer, S. Frost, H. Straker, B. Millynn, L. Squire


Goal Kickers: H. Beaumont 2, A. Tarpey 2, F. Cameron, N. Cameron Neser, N. Groenewegen, T. Spencer Best Players: R. Drew, S. Groenewegen, M. Carman, J. Bishop, J. Martin

Men’s Reserve Grade

The Tigers Men’s Reserve Grade were completely swamped by an Ainslie combination that dominated proceedings throughout the match. The

exception being the second quarter during which the Tigers fought back from five goals down to just over one at the main break.

Although the teams were relatively even, it was the dominance of Ainslie’s Michael Thompson with 7 goals that proved the difference, Thomo being the grandson of Butch Thomson who played in our Queanbeyan / Acton Combine Premiership teams of the fifties.  He also collected a best on ground performance. Well done.

It certainly was not a black and gold day, but again the Club is extremely proud and grateful to have a such wonderful group of young men at its disposal. Under the leadership of Alex Lawder – who has developed a strong association with his players – this team will only learn from the experience and hopefully back up again after such a wonderful season.

Again, thank you to everyone associated with the team including all Coaches, Players, Team Management and Sports Trainers.

Grand Final




Goal Kickers: B. Reid, M. McKenzie, S. Lancaster, D. Lord Best Players: A. Lo Pilato, D. Simpson, B. Reid, P. Slater, J. Simpson


Goal Kickers: M. Thompson 7, B. Perry 2, B. McGrath Best Players: M. Thompson, G. Bence, S. Pawczynski, H. Raftery, H. Richardson, D. Bowles

1st Grade Tigerettes.

The AFL Canberra Ladies Grand Final commenced at 6pm and became the feature event on Grand Final Day played under lights at Manuka Oval. 

That experience is a memorable one for participants of both teams.

The crowd and their involvement must have been massive for the players particularly from the left forward pocket group of Tiger Supporters who were in full voice for the entire encounter.

Congratulations to both teams for an entertaining encounter that delivered a hard-fought close match deserving won by Eastlake defeating last year’s Premiers by 12 points.

The entire match was played with great spirit, fairness and endeavor and nothing separated the two teams for most of the game.  Once again thank you to the players, Coaches, Team Management and Sports Trainers for their respective efforts all season.

The reward for Coach Cheyne Webster and his experienced Assistant Adrian Pavese is the development of such a talented group of Ladies and hopefully their continued involvement next season.

A huge thank you to the supporters and players who stayed at Manuka Oval all day to witness the final Grand Final – indeed it probably will be the last Grand Final to be played at Manuka Oval with AFL Canberra moving back to Football Park in Woden in 2019 after departing the scene some 18 years ago.

Grand Final




Goal Kickers: A. Hamilton, M. Godfrey, T. Campbell, A. Bowyer, H. Dunn Best Players: H. Dunn, C. Res, T. Evans, J. Hamilton, C. Taylor, L. Watson

Tigerettes Reserve Grade – Creating Their Own History.

The Tigerettes Reserve Grade continue to be the success story of the Club this year.

This newly formed team were not expected to win many matches, but under the guidance of Tim Hull and Robert Anderson have taken all before them

with a win in last Sundays Elimination Final over ADFA moving them into the Preliminary Final against the Riverina Lions to be played in Wagga next Sunday.

Unfortunately, most of the Club were at Manuka Oval witnessing the Under 18 Grand Final so didn’t see the Tigerettes create history by winning their first ever finals match but the score was filtering through with a convincing win over the RAMS at ADFA Oval.

Congratulations to all involved.  There will be a strong presence of the black and gold in Wagga next Sunday for the Preliminary Final.  A bus will be taking players and team management. If any others are interested in traveling on the bus, please contact Adrian Pavese ASAP.

Elimination Final (4 V 5)



Queanbeyan Tigers

Goal Kickers: C. Hamilton 2, M. Margosis, A. Dand Best Players: M. Hurley, M. Galloway, K. Helmers, L. Flakelar, K. Pye, C. McCarthy-Partridge


Goal Kickers: K. Gardner 2 Best Players: C. Howard, E. Tollenaar, M. Rayner

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