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Four Grades Successful Over Weekend!

The Tigers have completed a successful weekend with all four grades achieving wins over a busy weekend for volunteers and officials of the Club.

Games were played on the Gold Coast, Lindwell Oval, Queanbeyan Park and Amaroo with volunteers stretched far and wide over the two days.

Our thanks and appreciation to all those who assisted over the weekend especially those who travelled to Queensland and then backed up again all day on Sunday – they being: Gary Bullivant, Fred Gisik, Chrissy Craven and Ray Daniel.

The NEAFL Tigers belt out the song after an impressive away win with debutant Mitch Price in the middle.


The NEAFL team travelled to the Gold Coast on Friday evening for their cross conference game against Broadbeach on Saturday and came away with the Clubs first win over a Northern Conference team from 4 outings.

There was plenty of action with fast movement of the ball both hand and foot. In ideal conditions on a hard track, the Tigers were competitive from the outset.

Although the skill level early in the match was down (on what we have come to expect), they did produce some passages of play equal to any this year which resulted goals. On one particular occasion Jeremy Kirkwood displayed enormous dash and confidence to take on his opponents (coming out of the backline) on the boundary line for the ball to pass through his hands on three occasions before it was swept up the field for probably one of the goals of the season.

He was one of many players who had an abundance of the ball throughout the game. Up forward James Kavanagh was exceptional with 27 possessions, taking 13 marks for a return of 6 goals. Neil Irwin was up against a giant in the ruck. At just 19 years of age, the Broadbeach ruck-man Mitch Brewer was an enormous man to handle but to Irwin’s credit (and that of changing ruck-men Ben Klemke and Mitch Heaslip), they battled enormous height and weight advantage to eventually come out on top.

Around the packs, the Tigers on ball brigade took advantage of the dry track with their pace and ability to back each other up being a feature. Ben King continues to improve every game with his enormous engine to get to the contest being a feature. Toby Conroy racked up yet another 30 plus possessions with an inspired performance. Mitch Heaslip continues to play a valuable role around the ground.

The inspirational display by player coach Kade Klemke provides many highlights with his run out of the backline setting up many forward line thrusts. Josh Bryce is another who may not gain many accolades but each week he has the enormous task of taking on the best forward and he does so with the maturity of a seasoned player even though still in his very early twenties.

Once again our 23rd man was an Under 18 Grade player promoted for his first NEAFL experience. This time round young Mitch Price slotted into the team and did not disappoint with quite a number of possessions.

The Tigers had a commanding lead going into the final term but faltered as the quarter went deep into time on. The home team had the fresher legs. And so they should. The Tigers were late arrivals on the Gold Coast on the Friday evening not arriving until 10.00pm.

That combined with hot conditions not experienced in the “Snowy Mountains” played its part in allowing Broadbeach to come back into calculations late in the game. But the endeavour and spirit that the Tigers have shown all year prevailed for an inspiring first up win on Queensland soil.

And for those Queensland’s who questioned our whereabouts – No we are not in the Snowy Mountains and we are not from Canberra. We are a NSW team located on the ACT border! And we didn’t take our own umpires this time round !!

Broadbeach 2 2 5 5 5 6 10 11 (71) Queanbeyan 3 2 8 7 10 14 13 14 (92)Broadbeach Goal Kickers: J. EAGLE 3, G. Underwood 2, T. Haley , A. Mc Kenzie , N. Stockdale , B. Davies , E. Poyas Best Players: A. Boston, R. PANTIC, T. Haley, L. Weller, A. Mc Kenzie Queanbeyan Goal Kickers: J. KAVANAGH 6, R. Quade 3, B. Fruend , S. Jolliffe , M. Daniher , B. Klemke Best Players: J. KAVANAGH, A. Swan, K. Klemke, K. Stevens, S. Jolliffe, B. King

DQ and Licka getting prepared for the Div 1 match against Gungahlin.

AFL Canberra Division 1

The Tigers Division 1 Coach Adrian Pavese had that broad grin back on his face after successfully coaching his team to an emphatic win over Gungahlin on Sunday.

Travel weary from the Gold Coast excursion, he could have had a day with the family on Sunday but such is his commitment to this team he backed up and in doing so secured a win and a finals spot for this team.