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Game with no Injuries – That’s a Positive!!!!

Tigers suffer another loss!

First Grade

After a confident start to the season the Tigers 1st Grade team have lowered their colours for the fourth successive week against an impressive Ainslie combination. The Tricolours were far too strong in most departments of the game clearly out muscling a much smaller Queanbeyan combination.

The Tigers played only five days earlier on a very heavy track at a waterlogged Dairy Farmers Park and their leg speed showed on the day. Although the current situation is in no way critical, it will be – if they don’t record a victory in the next encounter against Tuggeranong Hawks at Dairy Farmers Park on 20 June.

There is a bye this long weekend which will give them a buffer to “mend” some pride and hopefully see the return of a number of players to all three teams. For the first time in 6 weeks the Tigers suffered no long term injuries.

“It’s not the end of the world, but its something we have got to get through” James Kavanagh said at the after match awards. Kav had played his 150th first grade AFL Canberra match and was bitterly disappointed with the result. “We’ve dropped form for a number of reasons, confidence maybe – it’s hard to put a finger on it. If you knew you’d know how to fix it !!” he said.

Kavanagh said one of the reasons the Tigers had gone off track had been a lack of confidence and injuries to key personal which included fullback Neil Irwin, fellow back-line players in Jason Satchell, Tom Hollis, on ballers Matt Liddle, Andrew Lieschke and Billy Neely plus pinch hit ruck-man Mitch Heaslip.

Jake Oram and Andrew Swan waiting for their 1st Grade clash.

Roy Jaques played his first match of the season after off season surgery and will be better for the run. The Tigers included a third member from the Under 18 Grade in Ryan Price. His inclusion saw one of the youngest teams ever fielded by the Tigers in a first grade match. But it wasn’t the youngsters who let the team down with a “bit” of sole searching needed by some of the more experienced players if the Tigers are to get out of the current situation. Costly turnovers in the Ainslie forward 50 provided them with 7 goals. The Tigers were best served by Paul Slater, Kris Thompson, Brett Fruend and once again Toby Conroy.

AINSLIE 5 6 8 13 13 15 19 18 132 QUEANBEYAN 4 1 7 2 9 3 9 4 58AINSLIE Goal Kickers: N. PAINE 6, E. Stone 5, R. SHIRLEY 3, D. LOVE , M. Lawless , D. ARGALL , J. Holmes , J. HIRST Best Players: M. HEARN, J. Holmes, R. SHIRLEY, D. LOVE, R. Andrews, J. HIRST QUEANBEYAN Goal Kickers: M. ARMSTRONG 3, J. KAVANAGH 2, B. FRUEND , P. SLATER , M. DANIHER , S. DANIEL Best Players: P. SLATER, K. Thompson, P. BRIEDIS, T. Conroy, B. FRUEND, A. Swan
Reserve Grade

The Tigers Reserve Grade recorded a well earned victory after being well in arrears midway through the second quarter. A spirited fight back has enabled the team to move into equal second position on the ladder. At one stage they posted 8 goals without reply during the 2nd and third quarters.

Brett Ormston showed his value to the team with a courageous and well fought out game considering his current fitness. Newcomer Fred Nortje is gradually gaining in confidence and will be a handy player up forward during the remainder of the year. Dave Corcoran was at his “finger licking best” with some great work at ground level. Brendan Ward showed his undoubted talent with two goals.

AINSLIE 1 2 5 3 5 5 6 11 47 QUEANBEYAN 1 4 3 8 7 12 8 14 62AINSLIE Goal Kickers: M. ABLETT 2, K. Morris 2, J. SULLIVAN , J. Cuzner Best Players: P. ORCHARD, P. NEIBERDING, B. SHEEHAN, M. Mulroney, S. GRAY, D. ALSFORD QUEANBEYAN Goal Kickers: F. Nortje 2, B. WARD 2, K. WATTS , B. ORMSTON , L. WILKINSON , M. MACKENZIE Best Players: B. ORMSTON, B. WATTS, D. CORCORAN, J. Nancarrow, M. Moss, F. Nortje
Under 18 Grade

An under strength Under 18 Grade team were well defeated after a close encounter until mid way through the third term. Nine goals to the Tricolours without reply proved costly to a youthful Tigers combination but nothing can be taken away from the Ainslie victory as they were missing quite a number of their better players. Sam Jensen led the way with five goals with Jack Bowyer and Jordan Eagle trying the hardest in the back-line. Youngsters Jake Robinson and Mitch Price also came under notice for their respective games. Taylor Lee also provided plenty of spark at CHF.

AINSLIE 3 2 5 8 11 10 15 12 102 QUEANBEYAN 3 1 4 3 7 5 7 6 48AINSLIE Goal Kickers: J. BRADFIELD 3, L. CARTER 2, J. WHATMAN 2, D. PAINE , R. HAUPT , A. MITCHELL , B. FORD , N. READSHAW , A. VANDENBERG , L. O”NEILL , S. Gumley Best Players: L. O”NEILL, R. HAUPT, A. VANDENBERG, B. FORD, A. BUNDAY, J. WHATMAN QUEANBEYAN Goal Kickers: S. JENSEN 5, J. Murphy , T. Maher Best Players: S. JENSEN, J. Bowyer, J. Eagle, J. Robinson, M. Price, L. Dowling
Ladies Team

Round 5 v Belconnen @ Jamison Oval 6 Jun 10

QUEANBEYAN 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 (0) BELCONNEN 3.3 9.5 14.8 18.14 (122)Queanbeyan Goals: Best: Hannah Dunn, Kristen Turner, Davina Harris, Jacinta Froud, Katie Newton, Dani Lewis

While the scoreboard showed a ‘no-contest’ the newest team in ACTWAFL ranks continue to show a great deal of effort and some encouraging signs of improvement against a Magpies team that is arguably the best running team in the competition and close to the highest skilled.

In a match played in great spirit the Tigers tried hard to compete and turn the game into a series of one-on-one contests as the Magpies showed how dangerous they can be once they get their running game going. The Tigers showed in the first quarter that they are at their best fresh with Kristen Turner, Jane Vucago and Fran Langi applying great defensive pressure and leading a backline that made the Magpies work hard for every goal.

The second term started brightly as Rach Short put on a great shepherd to give Davina Harris time to run the ball out of the backline but some harsh and completely unnecessary over-officiating of the ‘exclusion zone’ and resultant 50 metre penalties gifted Belconnen half of their goals for the term and appeared to sap some of the Tigers pressure.

The Tigers applied more pressure in the second half, skipper Jacinta Froud and vice Dani Lewis leading the way. Hannah Dunn continued her stellar start to the year continuing to throw herself into marking contests with little regard for her own safety, tackling herself to a stand still. Katie Newton, Sarah Van Meurs and Liz Langi all had their best games for the season but in the end the Tigers were beaten to the footy too often and ultimately outclassed by a Magpies team far more experienced and skilled on the day.

The Tigers will enjoy the long weekend off before returning to their home ground to take on ANU at 11am on Saturday 19 June.

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