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Great turnout for working bee

After putting the call out to players and volunteers to join us for a working bee on Sunday, 5 February being coordinated by Football Chairman Ron Fowlie and Committee Member Wal Gisik we were hopeful of having a dozen or so people turn up.

But in a massive show of support and pride in the club and its facilities, over 30 people helped get through a wide range of small projects requiring various levels of skill and trade qualifications.

It was a great mix of people covering juniors, parents, current players, past players, committee members, and even a couple of “our” players having a run with the Canberra Demons this year.

The Club would like to thank the following people for their hard work in very warm conditions: The Brennan Family (Mitch, Sol, Eli, Bella and Sam – from our Juniors), Wally Thompson, Wally Gisik, Lisa Bush, Steve Grocott, Alec McCormick, Alex Page, Dean Ross, Jack Bowyer, Jono Bowyer,  Jordan Hedington, Col Imrie, Paul Slater, Darryl Taylor, George Stevens, Christian Palombi, Andrew Swan, Carly Res, Brad Cummins, Dean Lord, Ron Fowlie, Michael Goiser, Tyler Collins, Jack O’Halloran, Megan Godfrey, Laura Herring and Chelsea Marolt – and anyone we may have missed from this list.

And we’ve accepted excuses from senior coaches Dave Corcoran, Paul Campbell, Chris Clifton and Cheyne Webster who we sent to the AFL National Coaching Conference for the weekend; and also Ella Ross and Hannah Dunn who were doing us proud representing the Giants in their inaugural game of the AFL Women’s national competition against the Crows in Adelaide.

The list of completed tasks includes:

  1. gluing of carpet tiles in change rooms, warm-up room and gym area;

  2. applying flooring to the equipment storeroom;

  3. vacuuming all rooms in the whole grandstand facility;

  4. painting of the pergola over the BBQ area;

  5. cleaning drains of leaf litter on the roof of the visitors room;

  6. replacing fluorescent light tubes;

  7. cleaning coaches and time-keepers boxes;

  8. pressure cleaning the grandstand seating areas;

  9. tidying fallen bark and branches around the entire complex;

  10. removal of old furniture and equipment;

  11. replace strip of artificial grass leading onto the oval;

  12. re-attach panels on the behind-goals video platform;

  13. trim edges and mow grass in front of the grandstand and Growlers Deck;

  14. trim garden in front of the Growlers Deck;

  15. trim large hedges surrounding the grandstand;

  16. trim weeds and tidy garden beds surround the grandstand car park;

  17. collect rubbish from beneath trees surrounding the ground;

  18. trim weeds from paths;

  19. install new shelving and weight-bearing roof to Juniors store room to increase storage capacity;

  20. fix, complete and paint various door jams and door surrounds to areas such as showers, toilets etc;

  21. install shelves and doors on cupboards in the team managers room;

  22. paint and sheet up exposed areas in the change rooms and gym area; and

  23. a whole range of tidying, sorting, minor maintenance and cleaning tasks that cropped up on the day.

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