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GWS welcomes Tigers – Round 8 Review.

Long Quarters Kill Tigers.

A 36 minute 1st quarter certainly didn’t help the Tigers in their battle with the GWS GIANTS at Blacktown last Saturday in warm conditions. Every quarter went for over thirty minutes with the GWS posting goals during the time on period of play in each quarter.

The 23 degree temperature compared to what the Canberra / Queanbeyan climate is at the moment made for a long opening quarter and it reflected on the scoreboard.

Four unanswered goals in the time on period left the Tigers lamenting what could have been at the first break. Early in the second quarter the Tigers were 7 goals in arrears. The Tigers bounced back during this term and crawled their way back into the game. A shot on goal just prior to the half time break went astray for a point which rebounded for a goal to the GWS hurting all the good work the visitors had achieved in the second quarter.

Had the goal been scored the Tiger were just 14 points in arrears and on the charge.

The Giants onslaught continued early in the third term and it seemed just how far at the three quarter time break.But once again the Tigers were not outdone and bounced back in the final quarter outscoring their opponents to make the score respectable. Three early shots on goal in the final term which all went astray could have pushed the Tiger into an unlikely victory but nevertheless their determination and commitment could not be faulted in what was a strong performance by a relatively young GWS combination.

Although the GIANTS were missing a number of players they are able to draw upon any number of promising youngsters from around their zone which includes anything west of Sydney out to Broken Hill and down to Albury and the far south coast.

A highlight (not to our back-men) was the first goal kicked by the GIANTS high profile ex NRL convert Israel Folau. He went onto kick four goals in what was an impressive performance from the former Rugby League star. His performance gained national television recognition with the Tigers Club obviously gaining heaps of exposure due to his personal achievement.

For the Tigers youngster Sam Jensen played well throughout the match as did Tim Cook, Andrew Swan and Mitch Heaslip. It was particularly pleasing for Cook and Swan who have been under the pump in recent weeks to hold down their spots. Newcomer Travis Bull is a welcome addition to the “big” man department and no doubt will improve with games under his belt. Will Griggs gave his all, Sam Daniel played well throughout, Tom Hollis and Casey Walsh were also notable during the match.

The Tigers were missing Kaine Stevens, Jeremy Kirkwood and Alex Overs all of whom were not considered at the final training selection before the match. Add emergency Ryan Price plus the performance of a number of players in the Reserve grade win over the Jets and the selectors will have a tough job ahead this week for the all important match against Tuggeranong at Greenway on Sunday.

GWS Giants 7 4 10 8 17 11 19 15 (129) Queanbeyan 2 3 7 4 9 4 13 10 (88)GWS Giants Goal Kickers: A. Flagg 5, I. Folau 4, J. Olsson 3, J. Bruce , D. Shiel , S. Darley , A. Phillips , J. Neade , A. Miles , L. Harper Best Players: D. Shiel, A. Flagg, D. Williams, S. Clifton, I. Folau, A. Carey Queanbeyan Goal Kickers: J. Kavanagh 3, M. Wescombe 2, D. Campbell 2, T. Conroy , R. Quade , S. Jolliffe , C. Walsh , W. Griggs , T. Hollis Best Players: S. Jensen, A. Swan, T. Hollis, M. Heaslip, S. Daniel, C. Walsh

Reserve Grade The Gungahlin Jets were celebrating 30 years since their inception and they certainly provided stiff opposition against the 2009 and 2010 premiers at Manuka Oval last Saturday. The Tigers had a star studded line up but this did not deter the Jets from having a fully fledged go at the Tigers before half time.

Tigers Coach Adrian Pavese said “they were good, very good (the jets) until some of our more senior players lifted a gear and produced some of the form known of them” .

There was a welcome addition to last weeks Reserve grade line up. Triple premiership player Jon Elias played his first game for over twelve months since injury struck him down mid 2009. “He has lost nothing during his absence” Pavese said. His strength, knowledge of the game and determination may well see him back in the top grade before long. Some names keep popping up. Brooker, Fruend, Franchi, Haddock and Hair will once again press for senior grade selection. Brett Fruend posted four opportunist goals – as he does on a regular basis. Paul Franchi, with two games now under his belt, is sure to draw the selectors attention for a senior grade game.

Newcomer to the Club this year Ben Walsh played his best game to date. A premiership player last year in the Riverina (with Ganmain Grong Grong Matong) he relished the opportunity to play in the ruck and came out with plenty of positives from his piers.

With an abundance of players missing last weekend, team selectors have a few headaches for the all important clash with Tuggeranong this Sunday.

GUNGAHLIN 2 2 4 4 5 7 5 10 (40) QUEANBEYAN 2 2 7 5 14 9 17 13 (115)GUNGAHLIN Goal Kickers: M. LITTLE , S. TRUESDALE , D. BRADBROOK , D. SCHOLFIELD , B. THORNTON Best Players: A. Hess, B. Kane, J. FOSTER, R. Blundell, M. KEYS, M. LITTLE QUEANBEYAN Goal Kickers: B. Fruend 4, J. Brooker 3, P. Franchi 3, M. May 2, J. DANIEL , S. Kelly , C. Haddock , H. KELLY , J. Manie Best Players: B. Walsh, G. Hair, B. Fruend, P. Franchi, C. Haddock, S. Kelly

Under 18 Grade

The Tigers Under 18 Grade team are back on the winners list with an impressive performance against newcomers Gungahlin Jets. The team welcomed back Graham John Lennon, Aiden Kenworthy and Adam Lee from injury with all three playing well when given the opportunity. Kenworthy in particular gives a strong option up forward.

Toby Yeates continues his strong form as does Sean Van Holland. Youngster James Armstrong provides the team with balance and his combination with Steve Camp at the centre bounce and around general play is fantastic considering his limited opportunities to train with the team.

This team is sure to develop as the season progresses. It is young, has plenty of talent, enthusiastic and will be bolstered when a few other players become available on a more regular basis.

GUNGAHLIN 0 1 1 2 1 2 1 2 (8) QUEANBEYAN 4 6 6 12 11 14 18 21 (129)GUNGAHLIN Goal Kickers: T. SUTTON Best Players: J. NOBLE, T. SUTTON, J. Goodisson, J. Reynolds, M. Cody QUEANBEYAN Goal Kickers: T. YEATES 3, S. Vanholland 2, G. LENNON 2, J. ARMSTRONG 2, A. McCORMICK 2, K. King 2, J. Macdonald , J. TAYLOR , K. SHEA , D. Hodder , A. Kenworthy Best Players: S. Vanholland, S. CAMP, T. YEATES, G. LENNON, M. Elliott, M. Theunissen

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