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Kick 2 Kick 4 a Cause another success!

The Tigers Club were engaged in another Community Activity recently with participation in the Kick to Kick 4 a Cause Activity.  This being an awareness and fundraising campaign for Men’s Health through Menslink.  

The Kick to Kick 4 a Cause Campaign is in its second year.  The event highlights the following:

“Every year nearly 3,000 people die by suicide in Australia, and 75% of those are male. Depression and self-harm are far more common than most of us realise, and more than likely, you will know someone either personally or in your wider community who is living with this struggle. Many of us have already endured the heartbreak of suicide by a friend or loved one.  Funds raised will go towards delivering Menslinks award-winning Silence is Deadly program which will reach around five thousand high school and college students. These programs talk about mental fitness and encourage young men to put up their hands to ask for help in tough times”.

Tigers Participation

The Tigers participated last year as an event sponsor with players also participating in the 24-hour kick to kick promotion.

The Club has again backed that effort up again this year raising $2335 along with a personal contribution by Tyler Collins of $595 through donations gained.

This year’s Kick to Kick 4 a Cause participation by the Tigers Club was organised by Senior Grade player Tyler Collins with the following members of the Club being actively involved over the 24-hour period:

Alex Page, Caleb Cawse, Hugh McKenzie, Kane Cawse, Jacob Cawse, Olivia Straker, Tyler Collins, Lani Watson, Amy Morshel, Jed Simpson, Joshua Bryce, Oliver Rowley, Caitlin Semmler, Jayde Hamilton, Lexi Hamilton, Cynthia Hamilton, Emma Webb-Wagg, Ellen Squire, Tarni Evans, Casey Plater, Alec McCormick, Kirby Medhurst, James Huntley, Carly Res and Scott Minchin

Several other AFL Canberra Clubs took up the challenge this year along with other sporting groups. The activity has raised approx. $90,000 and the organisers are hoping by way of continued donations to crack the $100,000 mark.

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