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Legend is Introduced!

The Tigers 100 Club Dinner last Saturday evening provided a number of special occasions for associate of the organisation but none more so than to the Tigers long serving Team Manager Noel Miller who was elevated to Legendary status of the Club.

Former 300 Club game player Michael Goiser inducted Noel as the first Legend of the Club.

The following is an extract of the induction:

The Tigers Club Wall of Fame includes an amazing array of champion players and champion people. But like many proud institutions every now and then special people stand out from that revered bunch and deserve to be honoured in another special way.

Tonight the club will be borrowing from the pages of the AFL Hall of Fame by elevating one special individual to the brand new category of Legendary Status.

This new category will be reserved for people who have served the organisation in a manner regarded as outstanding. It will be restricted to people who have been members of the Wall of Fame for at least 10 years and will see those deemed by this proud club as Legends honoured by way of a plaque on the Michael Haddock Walk of Fame – which will no longer be reserved just for 200 first grade game players.

Tony Wynd and Mark Armstrong both had long and distinguished careers and played well over 300 First Grade games for this club. Another dozen or so players achieved the 200 first grade game milestone and many others of you here have also passed the much sought after 100 game milestone. Between us we’ve spent many a year in the black and gold.

But I reckon I’d be pretty close to the mark when I say that throughout most of the careers that have come and gone over time there has always been one constant – one person who would greet you with a smile and a handshake week in week out before handing you your playing jumper.

I’m proud to be able to say that in recent years I’ve played a small part in some enormously significant milestones for our club. But the honour I’ve been given tonight ranks right up there with the best of them.

Ladies and gentleman I would like to introduce you to the inaugural member of the Wall of Fame’s Legendary Status, Mr Noel Miller.

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