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Massive thank you to former Licensed Club President Gary Bullivant.

New Licensed Club President

After 26 years at the helm of the Tigers Licensed Club Gary Bullivant has stepped aside to make way for former premiership player Paul Williams to

take over the Presidents role.  Williams has been a board member for the past few years.

The Licensed Clubs Annual General Meeting was held last Sunday morning with a strong overall club membership in attendance representing volunteers, players and club members.

Gary took over the reins of the Licensed Club mid 1992 after the resignation of the then President Ron Edwards.  He has seen many developments during this time including substantial renovations on no less than three occasions.   The Tigers Licensed Club has provided financial support for many Queanbeyan Sporting Clubs however primarily for the Tigers senior and football organisations.

In addition to his role as President of the Licensed Club Gary has and continues to be a sports medicine trainer for all grades of the club sharing his valuable time juggling the issues of conducting a licensed club with that of his family and all matters of football.

The following is a resume of his involvement with the Tigers Organisation and we thank him sincerely for his efforts guiding the Licensed Club through some turbulent times as the industry changes to accommodate government regulations concerning smoking and poker machines gambling.   

Gary Bullivant

Licensed Club President / Sports Medicine trainer

Gary first became involved with the Tigers Organisation in the early Eighties. He commenced an administration role with the club under the leadership of Dave Imrie who at the time had served the Tigers as President during the long and protracted period of gaining a license for the proposed club in South Queanbeyan.

Gary served the committee as Secretary from 1983 and was elected in as President in 1993 of the Licensed Club During this time, the club has grown enormously and has become a prominent and successful business operations in Queanbeyan supporting many and varied community activities.

In addition to the enormous amount of time and effort required to preside over an increasingly large business operation he maintained an active interest in the development of the football operations of the Tigers.

He served as game day statistician along with another long serving official Van Rakowski for ten years before joining the ranks of the Clubs Sports Medicine Trainers in 1994. He along with Fred Gisik have been integral members of every premiership the Tigers have gained during this time.

Gary has been recognised by the Licensed Club and Football Operations with Life Memberships being awarded in 1999 (Football) and 2001(Licensed Club) for his outstanding efforts as a voluntary official of the Tigers Organisation.

  1. Commenced association with Tigers Club in early eighties.

  2. Licensed Club Secretary – 1983

  3. Licensed Club President – 1993 through to current – 2018

  4. Longest serving Licensed Club President

  5. Team Statistician for period 1984 – 1993

  6. Sports Medicine Trainer – 1996 through to current – 2018

  7. Associate Member of the Tigers prestigious 100 Club

  8. Awarded Life Membership of Licensed Club in 2001

  9. Awarded Life Membership of Football Club in 1999

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