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One Season Finishes, Another One Starts.

One Season Finishes, Another One Starts.

The Tigers Club Youth Development program kicked off at Dairy Farmers Park on Wednesday 5 October with 35 young lads participating in a two day school program conducted by Administration Manager / Senior Grade Coach – Adrian Pavese.

Current Junior Vice President and Long Term Junior Coach Scott Taylor is assisting with the program as well. Scott has pushed for this program for some time and it is fantastic that it is happening.

Senior players Will Griggs, Stephen Camp, Alec McCormick and Harley Beckett volunteered their time to assist the players.

The Youth Development Program will assist promising young players (aged between 10 and 14 ) progress through the junior ranks with eventual elevation into the Armstrong Academy and then into the Senior Grade playing ranks.

Along the way, the will learn about Life Skills, History of the Tigers Club and skill development of our game.

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