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Players Camp

Tim Shea with his "catch"

Tim Shea with his “catch”

After the long journey to Wodonga last week for trial games against Albury Tigers (and then the hospitality shown by the host club back at their social rooms) it was back on the buses for the trip to Henty where the Klemke Family displayed their own hospitality by way of allowing the players to camp overnight in their 100 year old shearing shed.

This is a magnificent old building that once had 21 stations going at any one time shearing sheep for the entire district.  The “players camp” allowed many of the Clubs new faces to get to know the current crop of players along with a host of youngsters enjoying their first outing as senior grade players.

During the evening (and well into the next day) the lads enjoyed a game of cricket along with other activities in the shed followed by breakfast the  following morning (cooked by the players) on the hills overlooking the Klemke farm. They then a ventured to a dam for some yabbie “catching” (or digging more like it !!!)

Some of the players attending the camp

The walk to breakfast

The guys who had had enough of the yeabbies !!!

Outside the Klemke Shearing Shed

The walk to breakfast


Captain Quade once again led the way using his vast family farm knowledge of digging for the yabbies. The city slickers beat the country bumpkins in the number of yabbies found.

Ryan Quade showing his style

Inside the shearing shed

In the middle of the bush

Hayden Kelly still in his PJ's

The Tigers Club (and players who attended the Klemke Ranch) would like to thank the Klemke Family for hosting the player’s camp in particular Matt and Mrs Klemke and Kade.  It was truly a wonderful experience to enjoy a farm that has been in a family for generations.

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