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Preliminary Final results – 26-27 August

Dominos Queanbeyan Players of the Week and Match Results

Dominos Best Players 2nd Grade:  Jeremy Bridger Women’s:  Hayley Bowyer


Match Results – Preliminary Finals – 26-27 August 2017

Second Grade Queanbeyan Tigers     2.3-15    3.4-22     3.8-26     7.11-53 Belconnen Magpies    0.0         0.1-1         0.3-3       1.3-9

Queanbeyan Tigers Goal Kickers: J. Monck 2, Z. Derksen 2, S. Adams, H. Kelly, M. Lawrence Best Players: J. Bridger, A. McCORMICK, H. Kelly, W. Morshead, J. Oram, D. Lucas

Belconnen Magpies Goal Kickers: D. Bloomfield Best Players: D. Bloomfield, M. Smith, J. Dunn, B. Posch, B. Chapman, J. Pisciotta


Women’s Queanbeyan Tigers     1.2-8    3.3-21    7.3-45    10.4-64 Eastlake Demons        0.0       0.0          0.2-2      1.4-10

Queanbeyan Tigers Goal Kickers: L. Watson 3, J. Stramandinoli 2, C. Res, H. Bowyer, H. Dunn, M. Margosis, A. Jakim Best Players: H. Bowyer, A. Bowyer, L. Watson, K. Johnson, A. Dwyer, C. Res

Eastlake Demons Goal Kickers: K. Demant Best Players: not supplied


First Grade and Rising Stars did not qualify for preliminary finals.

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