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Qbn Age – Tigers go down in grand final rematch

By Gemma Varcoe, Queanbeyan Age sports journalist. Republished with permission of the Queanbeyan Age. First published in the Queanbeyan Age, 13 May 2016.

A disappointing show in front of the sticks cost the Queanbeyan Tigers bragging rights to the grand final rematch against the Belconnen Magpies on Saturday, May 7.

The reigning premiers went down by a difference of two points, and the final score of 87-85 highlighted the vital nature of accuracy on goal.

“I dont think it came down to a set on goal, I think there were stages in the game where we should have kicked goals,” Tigers captain-coach Kade Klemke said.

“We kicked one goal and five behinds in the first ten minutes.”

But the Tigers weren’t the only team having trouble putting the ball through the middle, with the Magpies exacting their revenge by the skin of their beaks and two behinds.

“It was disappointing the way it ended,” Klemke said.

“We were up by ten points and we probably should have finished the game off there.

“But to Belconnen’s credit, they kept pushing at us and working hard.

“We probably got beaten quite easy in the last quarter through the midfield, I think it was 17 to six inside-50s, so I think we just needed to show a bit more control and patience.

“On a positive we’re improving which hopefully we can keep doing each week.”

The Queanbeyan Tigers will play their first home game at Allinsure Park this Sunday from 2.15pm, with both of the club’s reigning premier flags being raised to celebrate the 2015 successes of the women’s and first grade squads.

ROUND SIX AT A GLANCE: Queanbeyan Tigers 4.6 4.9 10.12 12.13 (85) Belconnen Magpies 2.5 5.10 9.11 12.15 (87)

Goals – Queanbeyan: B. Fruend 3, N. Edwards 3, J. Carroll-Tape 2, M. Grocott, M. Vardanega, P. Williams, D. Simpson; Belconnen: C. York 4, J. Taylor 2, J. Bennett, P. Horan, R. Bradley, D. Bunyan, M. Mooney, B. Joyce.

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