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Resignation of Tigers General Manager

The Tigers Annual General Meeting was held last Thursday, 6 July. At the meeting General Manager of Football Operations, Michael Goiser announced his resignation after three years at the helm.

Club Chairman Ron Fowlie expressed his disappointment but acknowledged the time commitment Michael put in to the role had proven challenging to balance with a young family.

“Michael has been an outstanding administrator and passionate club person during his three-year term.

“The withdrawal of the Tigers from the NEAFL at the close of the 2014 season saw unprecedented player losses just as Michael came into the role.

“Michael handled the player losses in a most professional manner and kept the Club upbeat and operating well. The end result being a First Grade Premiership at the conclusion of 2015 – a title that is etched in the history of the organisation as one of the best.

“Michael is to be commended in the highest order for his unwavering honesty and integrity in a position that is well known to be 24/7 in nature”, Fowlie said.

Michael’s gracious words of resignation were appreciated by those in attendance at the AGM. He commented that after letting the Board know several weeks ago of the likelihood of him not continuing in the role, the fact he did not set a firm date for when he would finish up had been an unfair burden on the Board.

“Several weeks ago I advised the Football Management Board that I was unlikely to continue in the role of GM.  While I do not yet have another job to go to, the uncertainty of exactly when I might find other work and finish up has not allowed the Board to effectively plan for a replacement.  Setting a firm date now allows that to occur.

“The time requirements of the role has become quite a drain on my family. There are many days when I wake and am gone before my children are awake and they are in bed asleep before I get home. I want to spend more time with my family and perhaps regain my weekends.

“My wife Kylie has been hugely supportive of my passion for football during my playing career and again in the role of GM, but the hours and demands of football administration have been unfair on her and our children,” Goiser concluded.

The Club has reluctantly accepted the resignation, which will take effect on 8 September, and will meet during the next fortnight to discuss arrangements and recruitment strategies for a replacement.

Ron Fowlie Chairman

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