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Results from 1-2 July

Dominos Queanbeyan Players of the Week and Match Results

Dominos Best Players 1st Grade:  Jack Carroll-Tape 2nd Grade:  Jed Simpson Rising Stars:  Noah Wright Women’s:  Amy Dwyer


Match Results – 24 June 2017

First Grade Queanbeyan Tigers     2.4-16     7.6-48    9.12-66     13.15-93 Eastlake Demons        4.0-24    4.3-27     4.5-29        5.8-38

Queanbeyan Tigers Goal Kickers: N. Edwards 2, T. Collins 2, P. Slater 2, Z. Derksen 2, A. Page, J. Hedington, J. Kirkwood, B. Lagana, M. Lawrence Best Players: J. Carroll-Tape, P. Slater, J. Bryce, D. Simpson, T. Collins, D. Ross

Eastlake Demons Goal Kickers: J. Crowe 2, M. Frail, D. Ryall, H. Bryant Best Players: K. Mahon, J. Johnson, Z. Stibbard, H. Bryant, M. Frail, J. Crowe


Second Grade Queanbeyan Tigers     0.3-3    1.3-9    4.5-29     7.7-49 Eastlake Demons        1.3-9    1.3-9    3.3-21      4.3-27

Queanbeyan Tigers Goal Kickers: D. Lord 2, S. Bowden 2, C. Graham 2, E. Maatouk Best Players: J. Simpson, S. Bowden, H. McKenzie, W. Morshead, A. Lawder, J. Kerr

Eastlake Demons Goal Kickers: Not supplied Best Players: Not supplied


Rising Stars Queanbeyan Tigers     3.1-19    8.2-50     10.3-63      12.5-77 Eastlake Demons        1.0-6      2.1-13       4.4-28        7.6-48

Queanbeyan Tigers Goal Kickers: N. Wright 3, J. Stephinson 2, B. Blakers, C. Cawse, B. Mayo, M. Wallis, H. Thompson, M. McKenzie, B. Lane Best Players: N. Wright, B. Greenwood, C. Taylor, M. McKenzie, J. Stephinson, M. Scargill

Eastlake Demons Goal Kickers: Not supplied Best Players: Not supplied


Women’s Queanbeyan Tigers     1.0-6    1.1-7        1.2-8        1.3-9 Eastlake Demons        0.1-1     3.4-22     5.8-38     7.9-51

Queanbeyan Tigers Goal Kickers: M. Godfrey Best Players: A. Dwyer, L. Flakelar, C. Marolt, K. Reid, C. Res, E. Ross

Eastlake Demons Goal Kickers: K. Demant 3, K. Rose 2, N. Allen, R. Prince Best Players: R. Prince, K. Rose, V. King, M. Johnson, N. Allen, T. Wilkinson-Shore

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