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Results from 8 July 2017

Dominos Queanbeyan Players of the Week and Match Results

Dominos Best Players 1st Grade:  Alec McCormick 2nd Grade:  Wilson Morshead Rising Stars:  Bailey Greenwood Women’s:  Stacey Close


Match Results – 8 July 2017

First Grade Queanbeyan Tigers     2.3-15    4.5-29    5.7-37         8.9-57 Belconnen Magpies    3.2-20    4.7-31    6.10-46       9.16-70

Queanbeyan Tigers Goal Kickers: A Page 2, J. Kirkwood 2, T. Clowry, M Lawrence, S. Lancaster, B. Lagana Best Players: J. Bryce, A. Lo Pilato, A. McCORMICK, J. Bowyer, S. Lancaster, J. Carroll-Tape

Belconnen Magpies Goal Kickers: D. Bunyan 3, M. Kelly 2, R. Turnbull, C. York, N. Kelly, S. Coate Best Players: D. Bunyan, J. Bennett, S. Coate, B. Walker, R. Turnbull, M. Kelly


Second Grade Queanbeyan Tigers     4.3-27    8.4-52    10.8-68      10.10-70 Belconnen Magpies    2.0-12     4.1-25    6.4-40        10.8-68

Queanbeyan Tigers Goal Kickers: J. Galloway 4, Z. Derksen 2, S. Bowden, J. Oram, J. MacDonald, J. Taylor Best Players: W. Morshead, J. Bridger, E. Maatouk, J. Taylor, T. Shea, A. Godfrey

Belconnen Magpies Goal Kickers: M. Delaney 2, J. Willcox, N. Burridge, T. Baker, M. Smith, C. Johnson, B. Posch, T. Purcell, D. Bloomfield Best Players: M. Smith, J. Dunn, A. Collins, B. Posch, S. O”Sullivan, N. Burridge


Rising Stars Queanbeyan Tigers     2.2-14    5.5-35    8.7-55     12.9-81 Belconnen Magpies    2.0-12    2.1-13     3.2-20     5.2-32

Queanbeyan Tigers Goal Kickers: M. Wallis 3, B. Blakers 2, K. Doherty 2, W. Taylor 2, L. Squire, N. Wright, B. Lane Best Players: B. Greenwood, L. Squire, M. Scargill, C. Taylor, H. Thompson, B. Lane

Belconnen Magpies Goal Kickers: J. Rees, D. Sim, W. McInnes, D. Evans, H. Warden Best Players: J. Rees, B. Hourn, J. Hynes, D. Evans, A. Griffith, F. Miller


Women’s Queanbeyan Tigers     0.0         0.3-3     0.3-3      0.4-4 Ainslie Tricolours       3.4-22    3.5-23   5.6-36    8.8-56

Queanbeyan Tigers Best Players: S. Close, C. Res, E. Ross, M. Godfrey, K. Reid, A. Bowyer

Ainslie Tricolours Goal Kickers: H. Mouncey 5, R. Friend 3 Best Players: H. Mouncey, Z. Skyrianos, R. Friend, C. Harkness, M. Simmons, K. Trinidad

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