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Rising Stars lend a hand at HOME

“What a great group of young men” has been the common response to people learning that last Saturday, on their bye weekend, a group of our Rising Stars got together to give back to the Queanbeyan community by spending the day at HOME in Queanbeyan.

HOME is a community initiative providing a loving place for men and women with enduring mental illness who cannot live independently, or may be at risk of homelessness.

HOME receives no recurrent government funding. They rely totally on the generosity of the community.

HOME was officially opened on 1 July 2010 by its Patron, Sir William Deane, in front of seven hundred locals – a rare event in which a community came together and said, “Yes, you have a place,” to some of its most vulnerable citizens.

There are many ways the community can assist HOME. They are reliant on monetary donations to continue to function. Organisations can extend a helping hand by offering services, people can help by organising fundraisers or they can volunteer time – which is exactly what our Rising Stars did when they gave up their day off to undertake garden maintenance and cleaning tasks at HOME.

We’ll done boys. You have made your Club, your family, and your community very proud and you should rightly be proud of your efforts.

For more information about HOME go to:

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