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Swans bring the Big Guns to Dairy Farmers Park!

With 15 listed players including the likes of Jarred Moore, Trent Dennis – Lane, Nick Maljseki, Mike Pyke, Gary Rohan, Matt Spangher and Jesse White – they easily accounted for the home team in perfect conditions.

They are “hot the trot” at the moment and would rather take the premiership than see arch rivals GWS GIANTS take the title before they do. Hence the strong combination they keep serving up week after week in the Eastern Conference competition.

Although the Tigers threw everything at them last Sunday they were no match for the ball handling skill of the Swans. They rarely miss targets nor do they mishandle the ball.

One comment made after the game – when the result that their senior team had lost to Richmond was – “no wonder, they had all their good players playing against us !!!

Good point, but regardless the Tigers were determined not to have the score blow out like the Round 13 encounter in Sydney. By half time they had restricted the Swans to just 9 goals, posting four themselves. This was acceptable given the opposition. The opening 12 minutes of the third quarter saw the Swans pile on 6 goals much to the disappointment of Tigers supporters.

The local team had some good performances regardless of the result. Simon Mackie had consecutive good games on strong opponents. He restricted Trent Denis – Lane to just two goals up to three quarter time. Todd Dickinson was once again prominent although array in front of goals. Sam Daniel had his best game of the year with team mates Will Griggs, Steve Jolliffe and Toby Conroy gaining many possessions.

The Tigers younger group of players continue to improve with game time. This experience is invaluable as the Tiger prepare for 2012.

Queanbeyan 2 1 4 3 4 8 4 13 (37) Sydney Swans 6 7 9 15 17 19 21 24 (150)Queanbeyan Goal Kickers: P. Franchi , S. Jensen , W. Griggs , D. Campbell Best Players: S. Mackie, T. Dickinson, S. Jolliffe, T. Conroy, J. Kirkwood, S. Daniel Sydney Swans Goal Kickers: N. GORDON 6, T. DENNIS-LANE 5, M. SPANGHER 2, J. LAMB 2, J. MOORE 2, D. MCNEIL , J. Lynch , N. MALCESKI , D. Robinson Best Players: N. GORDON, D. MCNEIL, J. MOORE, G. ROHAN, J. LAMB, N. MALCESKI

Reserve Grade The Tigers Reserve Grade team had to draw on one old timer, a couple of young blokes and players from aligned clubs to field a team last Sunday against Tuggeranong Hawks.

200 gamer Dennis Quade came out of retirement “for one more game”. Toby Yeates and Stephen Camp backed up after playing in the curtain raiser Under 18 Grade game while Gerard Walshe (Harman Hogs) and Daniel Cuttiford (Cooma Cats) rejoined the Tigers. Sean Kelly was also coerced into to playing after a mid season break of about 8 weeks.

With player unavailability, injuries and suspensions, the Tigers commenced the game under the pump with the Hawks posting the first four goals of the game. The Hawks had defeated third placed Eastlake the previous week.

But once again the Tigers “disjointed” team – combined tremendous spirit and determination to gradually take control of the game and eventually win a close encounter by 13 points.

The experience of Chris Haddock , Jon Elias, Greg Hair, Dave Corcoran and Paul Briedis certainly combined well with the Clubs next group of experienced players coming through the ranks. Jared Daniel, Jackson Brooker and Daniel McGavin are all playing “good footy” at the moment and are racking up games for the Tigers which will eventually see them become those experienced campaigners in future years.

James Manie regained some lost form and posted four goals. Taylor Lee provided a strong leading forward. Liam Wilkinson is also gaining some form after an injury riddled season. Ben Jabornik played strongly in the backline but the old timer DQ gained the most praise for his comeback game. There was an air of excitement in the rooms prior to the game knowing that “old rooster (c)” was back in the Tigers playing gear for yet another game.

The winner of this weeks clash against Ainslie on Sunday at DFP will determine top spot albeit for a week until the final round of matches. The Tigers are likely to have a number of players available including the Watts twins, co captains Brendan Ward and Brett Ormston and Mitch McKenzie.

QUEANBEYAN 5 3 8 5 11 8 13 10 (88) TUGGERANONG HAWKS 4 3 5 6 9 11 10 15 (75)QUEANBEYAN Goal Kickers: J. Manie 4, J. Brooker 2, J. DANIEL 2, T. LEE 2, D. CORCORAN 2, L. Wilkinson Best Players: C. Haddock, J. ELIAS, P. Briedis, L. Wilkinson, J. Brooker, J. Manie TUGGERANONG HAWKS Goal Kickers: N. WOOD 3, S. WILKINSON 2, A. LAWDER , S. TREVILLIAN , D. SIDWELL , C. GRAHAM , C. Kickett Best Players: C. Kickett, S. TREVILLIAN, D. SIDWELL, L. GREENWELL, P. CLARKE, S. Kelly

Under 18 Grade The Tigers Under 18 Grade posted their fourth successive victory – this time against the third placed Marist combination with a 14 point victory. With two rounds to play, there is an outside chance of stealing fourth spot if they defeat Ainslie and Tuggeranong – but this looks unlikely given that they would have to rely on wooden spooners Gungahlin upsetting fourth placed Eastlake in the final home and away match by a large margin.

They will lament losing four games by less than ten points during the year – but Coach Paul Campbell can be well pleased with this young group as they have improved immensely throughout the season. Without mentioning too many names for fear of leaving someone out, mention must be made of centre half forward Aiden Kenworthy who posted four goals in a best on ground performance. Although regarded as being somewhat “laconic” he can play the game and given a strong preseason will develop into a fine senior grade player next year.

The goal of the day came from Graham John Lennon in the final minutes to seal an upset win over one of the premiership favourites. Yeates, Price, VanHolland, Armstrong, King, Shea – are all names to remember as future senior grade players from this team.

QUEANBEYAN 1 1 2 3 6 4 9 5 (59) MARIST 2 1 2 4 4 6 6 9 (45)QUEANBEYAN Goal Kickers: A. Kenworthy 4, S. Vanholland 2, A. McCORMICK , M. Price , G. LENNON Best Players: A. Kenworthy, S. Vanholland, T. YEATES, K. King, J. ARMSTRONG, K. SHEA MARIST Goal Kickers: L. Flaherty 3, M. Toogood 2, M. Laing Best Players: J. Divorty, S. Kenny, S. Kobal, T. Short, T. Catlin, J. O”Halloran
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