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Tigerettes into Division One finals

Women in Div 1 Finals

In just a few short years the Tigerettes have grown from a fledgling team to a regular Division 2 finals contender. But this weekend the team achieves one of other main goals – contesting Division 1 finals.

The Tigerettes began in 2010, a year in which they only won two games for the season.

Four players from that inaugural year still play today and have been a big part of the team’s continuing development. They include Hannah Dunn, Jacinta Froud, Kristen Turner and Jane Vucago.

Although only existing for seven seasons, the rise of the team has been quite rapid. In just their fourth year they picked up the first of what became three Division 2 premierships in a row (2013, 2014, 2015).

Despite the early success at Division 2 level, the women have craved increased development. Before they completed a “three-peat” of premierships last year they were disappointed not to have achieved their goal of reaching Division 1 finals. Finishing fifth on the ladder and being able to contest Division 2 finals was the silver lining of not quite making the top five needed to be in Division 1.

Rather than rest on their laurels and continue to reap success at Division 2 level, to their credit the leaders of the team took it upon themselves to approach coach Robert Anderson and put their hand up to push the rest of the team toward Division 1.

It was often commented during this year’s pre-season how hard the girls were training and how determined they appeared to get fitter, faster and stronger.

And those hot days of sweaty hard work, followed by a season of solid results and wins against perennial Division 1 teams, has seen the girls achieve their goal. This weekend at 2.30pm on Saturday at Jamison Oval the Tigerettes play in the Division 1 Elimination semi-final against Gungahlin after they finished the home and away season in 3rd and 4th place respectively.

Some untimely injuries to key players  in the final round, at training and on the netball court during the week sees the team go into the finals a little battered and bruised but we know the girls will give it their all. Good luck. Yeah the girls!

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