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Tigers Launch Relationship with Jesus is Lord Gym in Kaploei Hawaii

The Queanbeyan Tigers are pleased to announce that they have launched an AFL Hawaii side with the first series of recruits pictured in their Tigers gear below.

But seriously, the fighters and trainers from Jesus is Lord Gym in Kaploei Hawaii, have proudly signed on as overseas Queanbeyan Tigers fans, sporting Tigers gear in their training sessions and displaying the Queanbeyan Tigers brand around the island of Oahu.

The Jesus is Lord Gym is a faith based gym training mixed martial arts competitors, and developing solid martial arts citizens. The team motto is ‘Cross Trained’ a play on the biblical reference that underpins the code of conduct at the gym. An invitation only club, the Jesus is Lord Team includes fighters on the current UFC and Bellator rosters, and focuses on culture, ethics and values; as well as combat skills.

The relationship with the Jesus is Lord Team started with Scott ‘El Chapo’ Minchin, Queanbeyan Tigers Club Chaplain from 2014 to current as well as Tigers boxing coach and Women’s Assistant Coach with Scott visiting the Jesus is Lord Team on his holiday sabbaticals.

Head Coach Robert ‘Bob O’ Ostovich (founder of the Jesus is Lord team) and El Chapo have become good friends, and the Queanbeyan Tigers are proud that another series of Tigers fans has been established overseas. The club also wishes Jesus is Lord fighter Racheal Ostovich well in her UFC bout on the 20th of January, and welcomes potential recruits from Jesus is Lord Team to the club in 2020.

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