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Trip to the Mountain – 2011 Tigers Camp

Mt Kosciusko was to be the highlight of the Tigers Players Camp at the weekend but unfortunately wild weather confronted the players prior to the climb resulting in cancellation of the initial challenge.

A change of plans resulted in the players working hard around Lake Jindabyne with challenges confronting every turn. Conditioner Paul James worked on alternate activities once the Mt Kosciusko climb was cancelled.

Approx 70 players / coaches and volunteers attended this years camp which was enjoyed throughout in particular the evening activity watching our own Mitch Daniher playing for GWS Giants in the NAB Cup.

The Club would like to place on record its appreciation to all the volunteers who attended the camp including: Jane Haddock, Chrissy Craven, Judy Mustard, Graham Harmer, Fred Gisik, Robyn and Darryl Jenkins, Gary Bullivant, Wally Thomspon, Steve West, Paul Campbell, Trish Jones and Michael Goiser.

Jibba, Haydos, Simo and Swannie doing the hard yards.

Players enjoyed their dip in Lake Jindabyne.

Gary, Wally, Fred and Graham trying to keep everything dry.

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