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2019 Campaign is underway!

No one likes a time trial….!!

2019 Season Preparations Underway After a great break where the players, coaches, support staff and volunteers all replenished the stocks and energy levels we are now back into the swing of preseason 2019.

Over 35 men’s and 30 women’s players showed up for the first session last Tuesday that included a 2km time trial. All players showing very early that they are prepared to push through the pain barrier to achieve the success they are striving for!

Hard Slog Begins

The players were well supported by well over a dozen support staff and shows everyone is on board for that ultimate goal.

Support Crew

Training will continue every Tues/Thurs 6pm and Saturday morning’s 8am (men only)

Player Sponsorships are now available and if you would like to support your favourite player please call the club today to find out how you can help! General Manager 0429 913 436


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