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Atrocious Conditions Confront Tigers!

Freezing weather conditions were experienced across the grades last weekend. All grades played at Gungahlin Enclosed Oval over the Friday /

Friday Night

Men’s 1st Grade

The experiment of playing Friday night football mid-July in Canberra took a complete nosedive when the Tigers Men’s 1st Grade played Gungahlin Jets at Gungahlin Enclosed Oval last weekend.

If the conditions weren’t bad enough for the players, thoughts immediately refer to the few spectators who ventured out and sat in the grandstand. This in addition to the officiating umpires and volunteers standing around the boundary assisting those combatants on the field.

Night football at this time of the year is complete nonsense for any grade and one wonders why the powers to be would even consider such thoughts. This time of the year is the coldest and most undesirable time to play football at any time let alone at night in minus temperature conditions.

The Tigers went into the match with the knowledge of the Jets improvement this year and without recognised team movers Toby Conroy, Josh Bryce and Lachie Highfield.

In a tight opening quarter, a few late goals enabled the Tigers to take a 14-point lead at quarter time before establishing a strong lead by the main break. The conditions made it tough for everyone but as the game progressed so did the endeavours of the playing group enabling a strong 45-point victory by the final siren.

Once again Dean Simpson was outstanding in the backline.

Playing his 50th 1st Grade game for the Tigers he repeatedly sent the ball forward in a best on ground performance. Stand out performances were also

Gungahlin Jets

Goal Kickers: W. Hambleton 2, S. Tonkes, L. Jamieson Best Players: S. Tonkes, N. Eynaud, M. Reynolds, M. Hambleton, J. Nunn, L. Gray

Queanbeyan Tigers

Goal Kickers: T. Clowry 4, B. Fruend 2, M. Grocott 2, J. Simpson, A. Page Best Players: D. Simpson, A. Page, R. Worn, C. Palombi, J. Carroll-Tape, T. Collins


The Men’s Reserve Grade and Tigerettes 1st and Reserve Grades traveled to Gungahlin on the Saturday for the remainder of the

Men’s Reserve Grade

The Tigers played an undermanned Gungahlin Jets combination which never stopped trying throughout but were no match for the Tigers combination – itself undermanned. Thanks to Rising Stars players Alex Samond and Hayden Hunter who filled in at the last minute to assist make up the numbers with a few late withdrawals.

Jayden Cutts who has returned to the team in recent weeks (after suffering a knee injury in the first round) was outstanding posting 10 goals and clearly is a player to watch moving into the last few games before finals.

Hugh McKenzie loved the inclement weather conditions and showed his undoubted talent with some precision delivery of the ball. His pace and ball gathering ability a feature. 2015 1st Grade premiership players Scott Lancaster, Mitch Price and Jason Taylor all stood tall (if that’s possible) in a strong victory.

Queanbeyan Tigers

Goal Kickers: J. Cutts 10, H. McKenzie 4, H. Peers 3, M. Price, A. Salmond, A. Godfrey, H. Hunter, J. Taylor, C. Lee, O. Hicks

Tigerettes 1st Grade

The Gungahlin Jets have struggled all season but to their credit have fielded a 1st Grade Women’s team throughout. Losing many players to opposition clubs during the off season has resulted in the Jets – who were Grand Finalists in 2016 – not being able to score for the entire season – until last Saturday!!!

They scored a point just prior to half time and the celebrations were admired by all in attendance. That inspired them to come out fighting after the break posting their first goal of the season. Even Kate Woodward assisted the Jets kicking a point for them.

The Tigers were best served by the “older” brigade, but it was pleasing to see the likes of Ashlee Jakim, Kaitlin Dobing, Cameron Moncrieff, Ellen Squire and Mikaela Callender all contributing to a solid all-round performance.

Gungahlin Jets

Goal Kickers: C. Perman Best Players: A. Ryan, S. Burton, J. Anderson, V. Corling, C. Perman

Queanbeyan Tigers

Goal Kickers: M. Godfrey 4, E. Ross 2, J. Parry 2, K. Dobing 2, L. Watson 2, C. Moncrieff 2, R. Grounds, A. Jakim, H. Dunn Best Players: E. Ross, H. Dunn, M. Godfrey, A. Jakim, K. Woodward, K. Dobing

Tigerettes Reserve Grade

The last game on the calendar on Saturday was that between the Tigerettes Reserves and Eastlake. Unfortunately, the game didn’t start until 45

The sportsmanship shown by the Tigerettes to play well short of the numbers allowed on the field (due to Eastlake only having 14 players) is to be commended especially as the bench is difficult to manage with extra players not participating.

It took some time for the Tigerettes to adapt to the extreme conditions but once they did, they outclassed their opposition by the final siren winning by 54 points. (The Eastlake Ladies improving the score line from their previous encounter by over 50 points. Well done).

The Club welcomed back the Reid sisters Kate and Cassie after lengthy layoffs from the game and they played like they had never had a break. Georgy Stephinson was outstanding throughout. Shaylee Dal Santo posted three goals in a strong display up forward. Stacey Close who has returned to the field after knee surgery was a welcome addition to the playing arena. Kristen Turner and Kelsey Pye were also strong contributors among many.

Many thanks to Tim Stephinson (Central Umpire) and to Ray Downey (Goal Umpire) for providing your services in such unsavory weather.

Queanbeyan Tigers

Goal Kickers: S. Dal Santo 3, C. Reid, C. Hamilton, K. Reid, G. Stephinson Best Players: K. Reid, J. Bardsley, C. Reid, S. Dal Santo, K. Pye, K. Turner

Huge Thank you

To everyone who ventured out to Gungahlin Oval, a huge thank you from the players.

In particular – our volunteers and coaches who attended both Friday night and all-day Saturday.

Your dedication is outstanding and greatly appreciated.

Special thanks to Joan Vosnakes for the Friday night after match refreshments.

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