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Footy returns - Your Round 9 Review!

Following the Round 8 wash out and then the Covid alert last week, thankfully we returned to the playing field to continue the 2021 AFL Canberra season as we headed to Footy Park last Friday night and Gungahlin & Rockley Saturday.

Rising Stars

The young cubs once again showed they are well and truly in this years competition with another game pushing a top side all the way.

Despite not getting the win, the lads come out all guns blazing and led at halftime on the back of solid and simple ball movement in slippery conditions. Unfortunately the halftime break came at the wrong time and the boys lost momentum in the 3rd quarter.

After giving up two goals early in the 3rd, the team finally settled but couldn't convert kicking the next 4 behinds to give up the lead. There was nothing in the last quarter with Marist kicking an early goal to set up the win and kept the tigers scoreless.

Will Kellar played his best game of the year and was supported by the skipper Bailee Gilbert, Lachlan Fitzpatrick and Dayne Posthuma. That is now 4 of the teams 6 loses by no more than 18 points and shows this group is more than capable if they can snare a finals spot.

Marist 3.0 4.3 6.4 7.5-47 Queanbeyan Tigers 3.2 4.4 4.8 4.8-32 Goal Kickers: A. Sergi 2, L. Asbock , E. Brennan Best Players: W. Kellar, D. Posthuma, B. Gilbert, L. Fitzpatrick, J. Barker, O. Quantrill

Tigerettes Reserve Grade

When you plan to play the ladder leaders you need to be at your best and have everything go right, so already being undermanned and then losing 4 players before the bounce isn't part of that planning!

But you can't question this group who didn't let anyone tell them they can't compete and crack in and crack in they did. Despite the poor first half on the scoreboard, most teams would curl up and not bother, however the Tigerettes steeled themselves and played one of their better 2nd halves for the year outscoring the Bay 18 to 12.

Zalie Betts (until injured) starred for the home team and with sister Hollie also playing her best game of 2021 showed plenty of fight. Veteran Lon Flakelar led by example as did experienced players Chelsey Hamilton and Jill Shea.

It is now a tough assignment for the team to crack a spot in this years finals but one thing you can guarantee is that they won't die wondering and will give it everything.

Queanbeyan Tigers 0.0 0.1 2.1 3.1-19 Batemans Bay 1.6 7.6 7.8 8.12-60 Goal Kickers: J. Shea 2, I. Weir Best Players: Z. Betts, K. Gumm, J. Shea, C. Hamilton, L. Flakelar, H. Betts

Men's Reserve Grade

Gelling as a squad and consistency was the focus for the men's reserves last week as the team continues to struggle with injury and illness.

The ball movement and general play of the team was the highlight in the big win and with former U18s Aidan Bowyer, Caleb Cawse and Jack Manners all among the best shows the future is bright for the club.

Skipper Jed Simpson has shown how his leadership is so important to the group following his second game back from injury and with the return of Wilson Morshead from suspension next week should really help drive this group.

Tom Ashton is also showing big improvements and with Oliver Hicks and Mitch Haley getting some forward time together fingers crossed the 2s will continue to grow in confidence.

Gungahlin 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 Queanbeyan Tigers 6.6 11.13 18.19 26.21-177 Goal Kickers: M. Haley 5, O. Hicks 3, T. Ashton 3, J. Lopes 3, T. Flight 3, J. Carroll-Tape 2, D. Potts 2, J. Galloway, J. Simpson, C. Cawse, J. Manners, S. Kyle Best Players: A. Bowyer, C. Cawse, T. Ashton, J. Manners, M. Haley, J. Simpson

Tigerettes 1st Grade

The Tiger’s traveled to Gungahlin on yet another freezing afternoon. The game started with the Tigers breaking on to the scoreboard with a single point and quickly succeed by several goals. The Jets countered the Tiger’s lighting plays through the mid field and forward line however by the end of the first quarter the Jets were far behind.

Even though the game was one sided is not to say that the two sides didn't crack in.

Post 1st quarter the Tigers looked to work harder on game scenarios as they scored 25 goals that showed their expansive movement.

I missed the moment the Jets managed to score a goal. I say managed very loosely here as I only heard cheers and the Jets celebrating. Admittedly I did have hope for the team of my old stomping ground.

There was something that the Tigers did correctly. Whether it is a new tactic or a top-secret method in training the Tigerettes have developed what one could describe as a hammer and anvil. The Hammer is the forward line, the anvil the back. The mid field is the force of the hammer striking down upon the back line’s anvil.

A solid wall of steel.

With this the Tigerettes can forage the game into whatever they want. If they could use this tactic successfully against a tougher opponent, then perhaps they will be able to push back towards the top of the ladder. Karl Anstey

Gungahlin 0.0 0.1 1.1 1.1-7 Queanbeyan Tigers 5.3 13.6 19.8 25.14-164 Goal Kickers: A. Hamilton 8, M. Quade 5, R. Grounds 3, K. McGrath 3, J. Hamilton 2, L. Russell 2, S. Close, C. Hamilton Best Players: J. Hamilton, A. Hamilton, E. Squire, K. McGrath, C. Hamilton, M. Quade

Men's 1st Grade

Records fell last weekend (stats below) as the defending premiers recorded the clubs 6th highest score in 97 years.

The lads showed up and put in a clinical performance against the Jets which was pleasing and the consistent football the tigers played with no one going above the team rules.

Even though it doesn't show it on the scoreboard, the tigers had to work hard on transition as the Jets midfield was very impressive and won majority of the clearances in the 1st quarter and a half. Thankfully the experienced tigers midfield made the changes needed and started to gain the advantage.

The club debut another future star when Alessandro Sergi was called into the team mid morning following the withdrawal of Joe Stapleton due to illness. Serg played well in his first hit out in the top grade and despite a very nervous start showed he will be a big presence in coming years.

The other major positive was the squad came through the game unscathed from injury and look to host an all important clash with Eastlake next week with a win all but securing a top 2 finish where a loss puts the team right back in the mix.

Gungahlin 1.1 1.1 1.1 1.2-8 Queanbeyan Tigers 12.2 23.5 32.11 39.16-250 Goal Kickers: A. Swan 11, J. Bryce 5, A. Sergi 5, A. Page 3, T. Clowry 2, J. Lehman 2, W. Taylor 2, Z. Derksen, J. Iudica, T. Shea, B. Rauter, L. Highfield, I. Edgar, W. Griggs, R. Pollock, A. Lo Pilato Best Players: A. Swan, L. Highfield, W. Griggs, I. Edgar, Z. Derksen, J. Bryce

The Men’s 1st Grade score of 39.16 (250) against Gungahlin at Gungahlin Enclosed Oval in Round 9 of the 2021 AFL Canberra Competition asked the question:

What is the Tigers Highest Ever Score ?????

For the record below are the highest scores recorded 200 points plus - in order:

1994 Queanbeyan v Batemans Bay

1. 44.34 (298) to 1.2 (8)

1994 Queanbeyan v Batemans Bay

2. 43.31 (289) to 1.1 (7)

1992 Queanbeyan v Tuggeranong

3. 42.21 (273) to 1.6 (12)

1992 Queanbeyan v Tuggeranong

4. 39.32 (273) to 4.1 (25)

2007 Queanbeyan v Weston Creek

5. 41.10 (256) to 6.2 (38)

2021 Queanbeyan v Gungahlin

6. 39.16 (250) to 1.2 (8)

The Highest Winning Margin over 200 points are as follows:

· 290 points v Batemans Bay – 1994

· 282 points v Batemans Bay – 1994

· 261 points v Tuggeranong – 1992

· 249 points v Tuggeranong - 1992

· 242 points v Gungahlin – 2021

· 218 points v Weston Creek – 2007

· 202 points v Mines Rovers – 1939

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