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Junior Tigers 2012 Presentation in Pictures!

Please scroll down to view pictures from both the Sunday and Friday Presentations.

Renee Ioppi with the first winner of the Ioppi Medal – Aidan Bowyer.

Two of our up and coming stars Hannah McPherson and Lexi Silsby.

Maureen Miller with Nathan Corbett.

Our 2012 Under 11s.

Life Member Phil McClure with the Club Person of the the Year – The Hoadley Family.

Our 2012 Under 10s.

Life Member Julie Lewis with Jarrod Barker.

Our 2012 Under 9s.

Our 2012 Under 8s.

Life Member Wally Gisik with Bailee Gilbert.

Auskick Coordinator Darcy Ryan with some of our 2012 Tigers Auskick Particpants.

Life Member Jill Bright with U16s Div 1 B&F Mark Solway.

Life Member Jill Weickhardt with U16s Div 2 B&F Alex Page.

St Edmund’s President Brett McCann with U14s Div 1 B&F Nick Brown.

Senior Premiership Coach Kade Klemke with U14s Div 2 B&F Christian Palombi.

Senior Premiership Coach Kade Klemke with U12s B&F Hayden Hunter.

Current President of the Juniors Murray Lembit (right) was inducted into the Life Membership Club on Friday night.

Life Member Geoff Gosling with Mrs Mac.

Life Member Geoff Gosling with Charlotte Lembit and Jenny Phelan.

Under 16s Div 2 Manager Tanya O’Toole was recognized by the players for her efforts in 2012.

President Murray Lembit with 50 Game Players Jordan Miller, Andrew Howship, Nathan Bull, Shaun Franks and Alex Page.

Senior Premiership Coach Kade Klemke with U12s R/up B&F Harry Grant.

QTAFC Chairman Bob Gibbs with 100 Game Player Tyler Van Luin.

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