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Mixed day for Tigers - Round 4 Review!

A inch of rain fell heavily on Aulich Park early Saturday morning before our clash against

the Demon's which meant the ground would be very soggy for the 4 games to played.

This didn't deter the teams with some quality football played by both clubs with the honours shared by the close of play, the Demon's winning the Men Reserve's and Women's 1st Grade and the Tigers taking out the RS and Men's 1st Grade.

The Tigers needed the day on the positive side of the ledger when our Women's Reserves defeated Belconnen earlier in the day thus giving the tigers 3 wins from 5.

Rising Stars

Queanbeyan 9.15-69 def Eastlake 6.6-42

QBN Goals: Will Kellar 5, Koby Gibbs, Elijah Brennan, Scott Lee, Beau Marmont

QBN Best: Will Kellar, Caden Spinks, Michael Armstrong, Jordan Bogie, Max Banic, Owen Quantrill.

A 5 goal performance from our Pambula Flyer Will Kellar set up a great win for the Rising Stars lads.

It was a tight contest all day with both sides trading blows until the young cubs broke clear in the last kicking 3 goals to 1. This years competition looks set to be a beauty with all 7 teams being very competitive and no clear stand out as yet.

Michael Armstrong had one of his best games for the club while Caden Spinks showed last weeks senior debut did him the world of good. Max Banic and Jordan Bogie also produced solid efforts while skipper and ever reliable Owen Quantrill led the way.

Reserve Grade Women

Queanbeyan 2.3-15 def Belconnen 0.5-5

QBN Goals: Brooke Jennings, Zalie Betts

QBN Best: Susie Armistead, Hollie Betts, Sophie Jensen, Bree Jackson, Zoya Carl, Lauren Drockman

An unbelievable effort by this team having been decimated with numbers for the first 4 rounds and yet they still rock up and give their all.

The win on Saturday was just reward for the girls who week in week out put in for each other and the club. It also showed that when this group manage to get full numbers they will be a huge threat to the top teams and can contend for the 2022 title.

Veteran Susie Armistead led the way with another inspiring game and along with Hollie Betts and Bree Jackson proved the difference in the win. Zoya Carl, Sophie Jensen & Lauren Drockman also played very well.

1st Grade Men

Queanbeyan 14.11-95 def Eastlake 3.6-24

QBN Goals: Kade Klemke 6, Rhys Pollock 4, Alex Page 2, Joshua Bryce, Alessandro Sergi

QBN Best: Kade Klemke, Rhys Pollock, Michael Evans, Dean Simpson, Will Griggs, Dayne Posthuma

There is one thing for certain right now and that is the Men's Selectors shouldn't name a team until an hour before the game!

For the 3rd consecutive week, mass changes were forced at the 11th hour due to illness and injury which switched the squad right around only an hour before the game. But like the previous rounds the club's depth stood up and the squad had another good win.

Co-Coach Kade Klemke was switched forward which reaped great rewards with 6 goals while Rhys Pollock continues his fine start to 2022 with 4 of his own. Alex Page backed up last weeks standout game with another big effort which capped off his 100th Club game perfectly.

Michael Evans, Will Griggs and Dean Simpson were among the best as well with all players coming from the backline unit. Congratulations to Caden Spinks (round 3) and Dayne Posthuma (this week) who both made the Senior Debut's from the Rising Stars.

1st Grade Women

Queanbeyan 2.5-17 def by Eastlake 5.3-33

QBN Goals: Madi Czubara, Sophia Arcus

QBN Best: Anita Manning, Madi Czubara, Kate Woodward, Lauren Flakelar, Kate McGrath, Sidonie Carroll.

Article by Karl Anstey

It is a great joy to be back at Aulich Park!

The playing field was very wet, with the water having not fully evaporated and the ground well worn by the days’ games. The focus of the team is building and learning and despite their defeat to day at the hands of Eastlake and Belconnen before that the Tigers have learned an important lesson.

One that cannot be taught in training or by theory; action is the only way to teach attrition.

The first quarter started off aggressively. Hard, gritty action which saw the ball get passed from one end of the field to the other. Eastlake was first on the board with a goal.

The second quarter was more of the same. The attrition of play has churned up the soft ground, by the end of the game you could tell where the most action happened by looking at the clumps.

Both sides by this stage became bogged down in a nasty ground war, both sides pushing each other, vying for control of the ball and the field from one another, like boxers in the ring.

Maintaining strength and endurance is only half of the battle when it comes to a fight like attrition. Hope, courage and determination.

I saw in the change rooms during half time not a team that was being beaten, but a team that was determined. What was happening on the field was them giving it their all and when the Tigers went back on to the field playing two more quarters of great football I saw courage.

All the players have hope. It may not have seemed like it, but it was there. A powerful triumvirate that can overcome the setbacks and succeed on the long term.

It was in the fourth quarter where the girls did turn it around, yes, yes they still lost, but they connected, they played with fluid and motion, the ball was on the move from Tiger to Tiger. Intercepted but at that moment of play. That was the hope and that is where the Tigers will be in future.

The Ainslie Tricolours are up next week, and we all know that they will show us no quarter however we will learn, and we will be successful as a group.

Reserve Grade Men

Queanbeyan 5.10-40 def by Eastlake 6.16-52

QBN Goals: Kyle Bray, Aiden McShane, Isaac Edgar, Michael McCormack, Will Taylor

QBN Best: Isaac Edgar, Jack Carroll-Tape, Kyle Bray, Michael McCormack, Tyler Van Liun, James Bolton

Reserves Coach Tim Hull couldn't have prouder of the 2s squad last weekend despite the loss.

Everything that effects the 1st Grade in terms of numbers is ten fold for the 2s with multiple changes and unavailability crippling the team at present.

However, this group showed up Saturday with a fantastic resolve and with only 8 minutes to go could have snatched a memorable win but it wasn't to be. Isaac Edgar returned from his honeymoon and starred while Jack Carroll-Tape played his first game in 2022 and looks like he's lost nothing.

Kyle Bray continues to press for another crack at 1st Grade along with Michael McCormack and James Bolton continues to impress selectors.

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