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Premiership for our QBN/Goulburn Tigers!

The Jill and Nicole Bright Under 16s Division 2 Queanbeyan/Goulburn Tigers 2011 Grand Final Report

On Saturday the Jill and Nicole Bright sponsored Under 16 Division 2 Queanbeyan/Goulburn Tigers took on St Edmund’s Blue in the 2011 Grand Final. A picturesque day greeted us at Football Park in Phillip for the Decider.

The boys were all there early, and were eager after 2 weeks of hard training to get onto the park to show that they didn’t make this Grand Final by fluke. Having won 12 of their last 14 games to get to the Grand Final the Tigers were keen to finish it off and bring home the Flag.

Before the game the boys were read a message from their Coach Nathan Power (who was absent due to a commitment in New Zealand), about working for their team mates, the jumper, the club and above all themselves. The boys were also told that the job could now only be done by them.

The 1st quarter was an even contest with neither side really dominating the play. Sam Adams was again great in the ruck, with the midfield division of Jeramey Edwards, Dan Osarek, and Tristan Kilpatrick working hard to get the Tigers first use of the footy. There was a downer early with Alex Page going down with a groin injury after only 2 mins. After he came off it was decided that he was done for the day. Francis Burns was doing a great job on the St Eddies full forward who was the leading goal kicker for the 2011 Season in the Under 16 Div 2 comp, and Brad Murphy was allowed to roam loose across half back and was influencing the play. At the end of the first quarter the scores were QBN/Goulburn Tigers 3.3.21 to St Edmund’s Blue 1.0.6

At quarter time it was discussed with the boys that we needed to lower our eyes when going into the forward 50 as we were tending to blaze away. Apart from that the first quarter effort from the boys was great.

The 2nd quarter was again an even contest with both sides putting together some great play. As has been the case on many occasions this season our back six consisting of Josh Swan (Co-captain for the day), Matt Rath, Gavin Ross, and Maurice Crehan, Francis Burns and Brad Murphy stood up to every thrust forward by St Edmund’s. Once again though, our tendency for our forwards to all lead to the same spot, our midfield just blazing the ball in long and some inaccurate kicking at goal didn’t allow us to take advantage of the dominance we started to enjoy towards the end of the 2nd quarter. Half time scores in Grand Final were QBN/Goulburn Tigers 5.10.40 to St Edmund’s Blue 2.0.12

At half time, I impressed on the boys that when going forward we needed to hit our targets and that the forward line needed to present better and to different parts of the forward 50. Also the midfield was getting sucked into the 50 making it congested thus not allowing our forwards to operate effectively.

At the beginning of the 3rd quarter a couple of positional changes were made, and the boys really hit the ground running. They were dominating out of the centre square, with Shaun Franks providing great run and dash off the half forward line along with Brad Stein, Daniel Rouland, Brandon Williams, Ethan Pryce and Aaron Palazzo who were leading well and when the ball was turned over in the forward 50 they were providing great pressure to the St Edmund’s back line causing rushed kicks out of defence, allowing our midfield to pump it back in there. If it wasn’t for some inaccurate goal kicking the game would have been over at 3 quarter time. Andrew Howship put into the back pocket for the third quarter and did his job superbly. 3 quarter time scores were QBN/Goulburn Tigers 6.11.47 to St Edmund’s Blue 3.0.12

At the 3 quarter time huddle the boys were up and about, and I could feel that there would be no stopping the boys going into the last quarter. The boys were spoken to about there being no tomorrows and they had 20 mins of football left for the season. One of the highlights of the day for me was when Gerard Doolan put his hand up to have a rest to get one of our more experienced players on the park. That really summed up the mentality of this team of being able to work together no matter what the sacrifice. Moving into the last quarter every Tigers player on the park dominated their opponent with the ball only going into St Edmund’s forward line once or twice. It was a really wonderful performance in the last quarter from the boys as they ran right until the end of the game which was pleasing. The boys fully deserve all the credit and praise.

Final score in the 2011 Grand Final;

QBN/Goulburn Tigers – 7.17. 59 def St Edmund’s Blue – 3.1.19

Goal Kickers – Brad Stein 2, Sam Adams 2, Djahni Fowler 1, Brandon Williams 1, Brad Murphy 1

Sam Adams was named as Best on Ground in the Grand Final and fully deserved the award. I could single out players in this report however everybody in this team did their job on the day, there was not one passenger in this team. The great thing about this team is we are not a team of champions but a Champion Team. Congratulations boys on becoming the 2011 Premiers!

All my thanks must go to each and every parent that has helped out throughout the year with the various tasks that have had to be completed. Special mention to Jeremy Macdonald for helping me out on the day with the board, keeping the boys ready on the bench and also keeping the coach sane!

Lastly but by no means least, to Nathan, mate, thanks to you for providing this team with the foundation to become Premiers. You have given the team and myself a real football education this year. I hope we did you proud with the team song that the boys belted out in the rooms when we rang you!

Jason Wilcock Assistant Coach

The Arquero Family Under 12s Division 1 Queanbeyan Tigers 2011 Grand Final Report

Last Saturday the Arquero Family Under 12 Tigers played Eastlake at Lindwall Oval in the Grand Final.

The young Tigers started enthusiastically getting numbers around the ball clogging up all Eastlake attacks. Strong tackling was the theme of the day with Ben Frogley, Lachlan Squire and Trent Britton earning many free kicks.

The combination of the half back line of Connor Hogan, Christian Palombi and Will Taylor worked hard all day and gave the midfield opportunities to go forward. In a closely fought first quarter, Eastlake managed to get out to a lead of two goals.

The young Tigers moved the ball quickly into the forward line in the second quarter which resulted in a fine mark and long goal from Matthew McKenzie. This gave the Tigers increased confidence but they were unable to capitalise on the work. Tyler Van Luin, Noah Wright and Jayson Corbett were dangerous around the packs but the tall Eastlake defence held firm.

The second half continued to be closely fought with Reed Stevens, Harrison Straker and Dominic Hawksworth running hard to win the ball at every chance with Zane Marolt and Hayden Thompson busy. At the finish the Eastlake side were in front but the boys had acquitted themselves very well, winning many admirers. The boys continued to try until the end and never gave up. They showed the true Tiger spirit in their performance.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Under 12s season and we look forward to another year of Tigers footy in 2012.

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