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Season ramps up with 4 from 5 wins for the Tigers!

We are only one week from the annual June Long weekend bye and our teams banked some much needed wins last weekend against the Eastlake Demons.

The club came away with 4 out 5 victories and with one more round before the bye, have set themselves up for when the colder months start to hit. Injuries have struck the squads hard however the teams are fighting hard and looking forward to what lay ahead.

Tigerette's Reserve Grade

A blistering start from the home side set up an important win against fellow finals contender Eastlake last weekend at Rockley.

Led by newcomers Maddi Martin and Tarsh Brockwell, the tigers held sway in blustering conditions setting up the match winning lead by halftime. Chesley Hamilton continues her return to form with a 3 goal haul and with Brie Andrson controlling the defence the team looked solid at both ends.

Queanbeyan Tigers 4.1 5.1 6.4 6.5-41 Eastlake 1.0 2.0 2.0 3.2-20 Goal Kickers: C. Hamilton 3, Z. Betts, J. Shea, E. Ross Best Players: N. Brockwell, M. Martin, B. Anderson, Z. Betts, H. Verri, M. Lustri

Men's Reserve Grade

Injuries have hit the senior men's teams hard with the Super Two's men only able to

field 17 last Saturday which included a cameo appearance from Paul "Slats" Slater and with 3 Rising Stars backing up helped the 2s get to 20 for the day.

A huge thanks to Shaun Young & Peter Jensen from Eastlake for agreeing to play 16 a side on the day, it certainly helped as the 2s team were back down to just 17 midway through the 2nd quarter due to more injuries.

It was a great game of footy with both teams going hard all day with the Tigers thankfully ahead at the close of play. Wilson Morshead has returned to his 2019 form with another stellar game and was supported well by Caleb Cawse and Ben Millymnn.

Eastlake 2.2 2.2 5.2 7.3-45 Queanbeyan Tigers 1.2 3.3 8.3 8.6-54 Goal Kickers: J. Carroll-Tape 3, T. Ashton 2, N. Coghill, P. Slater, W. Morshead Best Players: W. Morshead, C. Cawse, B. Millynn, J. Bridger, H. McKenzie, D. Potts

Men's 1st Grade

It was the 2020 Grand Final replay with both sides bolstered by the return of their respective VFL players and a couple of returning players from injury. It was another solid first half with both team trading blows with the tigers leading by 28 at half time.

The Eastlake boys came out humming in the third and kicked the first 3 goals to get the margin back to 10 points, however the Tigers rallied late and kept the ship steady to record a very good win away from home.

The back six were awesome all day with McCormick, LoPilato and Taylor all holding their opponents and with the forwards once again firing with Tim Shea and Andrew Swan playing their roles.

The club would like to congratulate Eastlake's Aaron Bruce who played his 250th First Grade game last weekend and in a sign of respect to his legacy, the tigers players and coaches helped form a guard of honour at the conclusion f the game - Congrats again Brucey!

Eastlake 2.3 2.8 5.9 5.10-40 Queanbeyan Tigers 2.3 7.6 11.9 14.14-98 Goal Kickers: A. Swan 4, J. Stapleton 3, A. Page 2, S. Jensen 2, T. Clowry, T. Shea, T. Stapleton Best Players: T. Shea, A. Lo Pilato, J. Taylor, A. McCORMICK, S. Jensen, J. May

Tigerette's 1st Grade

Coming off of their own Order 66 (Star Wars reference), the Tigers have not let themselves become overconfident in their play with training focusing more so on the team’s structures during play.

An overwhelming victory by the Tigers as well as allowing the transition for Alexia Hamilton’s return to the Women’s first grade with her duties in Victoria now complete and re-joining the Tigers at what may be a critical time. A re-enforcement most welcome alongside other players returning to the field.

The focus on the Tiger’s structures this week paid off with a 54-22 win against the Eastlake Demons, a team that lived up to its name as being a group of talented hell fighters.

The first half of the match started slow, with the Tigers finding their rhythm by the second quarter. Said rhythm was kept up throughout the entirety of the game despite the odd hiccup or two due to the play of the ball or intercepts.

Losing both Cynthia and Lexi who were both yellow carded during the game could've unsettled the team however their absences were negated by the Tigers teamwork and seamless transitions of play that meant the yellow cards had little effect on the efficiency of the team.

Kate McGrath: The Paragon

During the game against Eastlake Kate McGrath stood out amongst her teammates for her skills, good sportsmanship and ‘take no prisoners’. Leading to her teammates in forward line a back line to either change the direction of play or take advantage of it. Stronger than steel, with a heart of gold and more durable than tank armour one of the best people in the women’s first grade team.

Written by Karl Anstey

Eastlake 1.0 2.1 3.3 3.4-22 Queanbeyan Tigers 2.3 5.5 7.6 8.6-54 Goal Kickers: S. Close 3, A. Hamilton 2, M. Quade 2, S. Arcus Best Players: I. Kennedy, S. Close, K. Woodward, C. Hamilton, A. Hamilton, K. McGrath

Rising Stars

Another heart breaker for the RS lads which again showed signs of matching it with the the top 4 teams but again went down in the last quarter.

Loses of 13, 15, 32 & 26 shows this talented but undermanned group isn't far away from the top teams and with a couple of chances taken at various times, we could see the boys really challenge in 2021.

The boys keep crackin and there is no doubt they will see the rewards soon, hard work and dedication will always be rewarded and no one is working harder than this group.

Jarrod Barker played his best game for 2021 and was assisted by Caden Spinks and Bailee Gilbert. Jonathon Silver is having by far his best season and Zac Levine continues to grow as a player (no pun intended seeing he is already 7ft tall LOL)

It is also great to see that despite the lack of depth in both our 17s and RS squads, that all the players are willing to have their turn in helping each other out.

Eastlake 3.1 3.5 5.7 9.8-62 Queanbeyan Tigers 1.1 3.3 3.5 5.6-36 Goal Kickers: Z. Levine, E. Brennan, L. Asbock , L. Fitzpatrick, A. Sergi Best Players: J. Barker, C. Spinks, B. Gilbert, Z. Levine, J. Silver, W. Kellar

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