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Season ramps up with 4 from 5 wins for the Tigers!

We are only one week from the annual June Long weekend bye and our teams banked some much needed wins last weekend against the Eastlake Demons.

The club came away with 4 out 5 victories and with one more round before the bye, have set themselves up for when the colder months start to hit. Injuries have struck the squads hard however the teams are fighting hard and looking forward to what lay ahead.

Tigerette's Reserve Grade

A blistering start from the home side set up an important win against fellow finals contender Eastlake last weekend at Rockley.

Led by newcomers Maddi Martin and Tarsh Brockwell, the tigers held sway in blustering conditions setting up the match winning lead by halftime. Chesley Hamilton continues her return to form with a 3 goal haul and with Brie Andrson controlling the defence the team looked solid at both ends.

Queanbeyan Tigers 4.1 5.1 6.4 6.5-41 Eastlake 1.0 2.0 2.0 3.2-20 Goal Kickers: C. Hamilton 3, Z. Betts, J. Shea, E. Ross Best Players: N. Brockwell, M. Martin, B. Anderson, Z. Betts, H. Verri, M. Lustri

Men's Reserve Grade

Injuries have hit the senior men's teams hard with the Super Two's men only able to

field 17 last Saturday which included a cameo appearance from Paul "Slats" Slater and with 3 Rising Stars backing up helped the 2s get to 20 for the day.

A huge thanks to Shaun Young & Peter Jensen from Eastlake for agreeing to play 16 a side on the day, it certainly helped as the 2s team were back down to just 17 midway through the 2nd quarter due to more injuries.

It was a great game of footy with both teams going hard all day with the Tigers thankfully ahead at the close of play. Wilson Morshead has returned to his 2019 form with another stellar game and was supported well by Caleb Cawse and Ben Millymnn.

Eastlake 2.2 2.2 5.2 7.3-45 Queanbeyan Tigers 1.2 3.3 8.3 8.6-54 Goal Kickers: J. Carroll-Tape 3, T. Ashton 2, N. Coghill, P. Slater, W. Morshead Best Players: W. Morshead, C. Cawse, B. Millynn, J. Bridger, H. McKenzie, D. Potts