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Tigerette's carry the Flag with 2 wins

Our women's teams carried the flag last weekend with two impressive wins while the men's teams struggled against the Pies.

It was a resurgent 1st Grade women's performance against the defending premiers and flag favourites Belconnen while the Super Two's had the yips in front of goal notching a big win against the Jets.

Tigerette's 1st Grade

Coming back from their loss last week, the Tigerettes have been working hard throughout the week learning from their defeat and united they trained. The coaching staff ever present and moral being incredibly high, despite the bitter cold nights.

Despite freezing weather and the fact that Belconnen are the premiership winners of 2020, the Tigers started off very strong catching their opposite numbers completely by surprise and forcing the majority of the play to be centered around the forward line and mid field.

The Tigers were very physical, intercepting the Magpie’s desperate attempts to push the play away from their defense and into Tiger territory. Their aggressive start set the standard on pressure towards the opposition throughout the game.

This showed the adaptability of the Tigers to the change the course of the play and the Magpies were stunned by their ball movement through the pressure applied. By the second half the opposition had gotten on the board but had also taken casualties.

Kate McGrath took what seemed like a heavy knock on the noggin, but she couldn’t be kept down. I wonder if the Tiger’s favourite quote is “Tis but a scratch”. However, a more serious injury to Madi Czubara looked quite serious and we hope that she is alright.

The Tiger’s form was just unparalleled this afternoon. It was thought that the Tigers would be crushed by what is considered to be a team at the peak level. The same level the Tigers were at a couple of years ago, a level considered to be unbeatable. Yet it was the Tigers who come off victorious.

By the blow of the full time horn the score was 55-18 in the Tiger’s favour a game that not only made up for the defeat last week, but also revenge for the defeat last year.

MVP: Ruby Grounds: The Stormtrooper

Keeping with aggressive stance of her teams attack Ruby broke not just the scoreboard with a single point and a goal she also broke Belconnen’s defensive line. Alongside her teammates in the forward line, Ruby showed the pressure and desire to set the example. Written by Karl Anstey

Belconnen 0.1 1-1 2.4 2.6-18 Queanbeyan Tigers 2.5 4.5 6.6 8.7-55 Goal Kickers: M. Quade 3, C. Hamilton 2, R. Grounds, L. Russell, S. Arcus Best Players: C. Hamilton, J. Stramandinoli, K. McGrath, R. Grounds, E. Squire, M. Czubara

Tigerette's Reserve Grade

Still missing a host of players through injuries, unavailability and 1st Grade call ups, this group under coach Kenny Sissons continues to build an impressive start to 2021.

What is working for this group is the fact no matter who comes into the squad they are ready to go and ready to play their role. Saturday was no exception with the Tigers keeping their opponents scoreless while having 7 different goal scorers themselves.

The return of Chelsey Hamilton in 2021 has given the forward line more options and confidence while adding new player Maddi Martin-Ellard and club stalwart Susie Armistead through the midfield has given the team some much needed experience. The only down side is the 25 behinds so we are assuming it will be goal kicking practice coming this week at training.

Queanbeyan Tigers 4.7 6.16 8.18 9.25-79 Gungahlin 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0-0 Goal Kickers: C. Hamilton 2, J. Shea 2, J. Woods, E. Barry, H. Bowyer, T. Bruce, Z. Betts Best Players: Z. Betts, M. Martin, T. Bruce, S. Armistead, C. Hamilton, B. Anderson

Men's 1st Grade

Missed opportunities and inconsistent efforts was the determining factor in the teams first loss in 2021. Belconnen have been a class act for many years now especially at their home ground, so you need to take your chances whenever you can but unfortunately kicking 7.18 cost the boys dearly.

Belco's young brigade set up the victory for the home team as the tigers struggled after quarter time to put scoreboard pressure on the Pies. The lads however despite not being at their best never yielded and kept cracking in and despite the loss will take plenty out of the game leading into next week.

In great news for the Tigers was the blooding of 2 more local juniors into First Grade with Will Taylor and Brad Rauter given their first senior jumpers while after two best on grounds performances in the reserves, North Wagga recruit Jacob May also played his first senior game.

Rauter and Taylor join a great list of local junior talent who have progressed into the senior team over the past 5 years and clearly shows that hard work, persistence and patience while waiting for your shot at senior footy does yield rewards.

Belconnen 2.3 5.4 9.5 11.9-75 Queanbeyan Tigers 3.6 3.11 5.15 7.18-60 Goal Kickers: L. Highfield 3, T. Shea, J. Stapleton, T. Conroy, Z. Derksen Best Players: T. Conroy, L. Highfield, D. Simpson, W. Griggs, J. Stapleton, T. Stapleton

Men's Reserve Grade

You can learn a lot about a playing group through out the course of a season and we learnt heaps about the super two's men last Saturday.

Four points doesn't always reflect how a team has played in a game and what we learnt was this group will be underestimated at the oppositions peril once playing stocks return to normal.

Undermanned (only 21 on the weekend) and out sized the Two's team led by skipper Jed Simpson and the experienced Daniel Hespe, Wilson Morshead & Kieran Shea proved they will be no push overs in 2021.

It was awesome to see the return of club favorite Dean Lord after a long injury spell as well as local junior Harry Straker who also returned from a long break. Also a huge thanks to Tom McNamara & Jackson Street (former local juniors) who came up from our affiliate club and great friends the Googong Hogs to help out with numbers!

Belconnen 1.1 3.1 6.6 9.9-63 Queanbeyan Tigers 0.0 1.3 1.3 1.6-12 Goal Kickers: H. Straker Best Players: D. Hespe, W. Morshead, J. Simpson, K. Shea, C. Cawse, D. Lord

Rising Stars Men

Two games in 4 days proved to be too much for the young cubs as they went down fighting losing by 19 points.

In a big first quarter, the Tigers pilled on 4 goals and looked very solid but a late Belconnen goal took the stuffing out of the boys.

You can't question this group though, narrow losses to both Ainslie & Belconnen in 4 days shows this team is good enough to challenge and with some luck they can push deep into the season. Alessandro Sergi and Michael Armstrong continue to be shining lights in the forward line while the young mids of Gilbert, Posthuma, Spinks and Fitzpatrick (until injured) shows depth in the spine.

In the defence, Jonathon Silver has started the year very well and with the two big boys of Jarrod Barker & Jack Armstrong holding down the key positions, the squad looks to have some excellent balance.

Belconnen 1.1 5.3 7.5 8.7-55 Queanbeyan Tigers 4.1 4.3 4.5 5.6-36 Goal Kickers: A. Sergi 4, L. Asbock Best Players: J. Silver, M. Armstrong, A. Sergi, O. Quantrill, B. Gilbert, L. Fitzpatrick

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