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Tigers back home and enjoy 3 from 4 wins!

Like most times in 2021, the young cubs started well against their opponents and were right in the game drawing to a point early in the third the presence of former Premiership & Past Players and officials.

Tigerettes 1st Grade

On the scale of the Tiger’s opposition the Demons, Magpies and Tricolours are the most difficult opponents for the Tigerettes to face. Having a full-strength team allows for the ability to call upon more resources during the game.

Said resources being well seasoned players with many games under their belts and with this large pool of veteran players and tactics developed by coach Chris Clifton the Tigers were confident going into the game.

The Demons started off the first half of the game using their signature rush tactics, pulling the Tigers mid field into the back line; furiously held by Laura Russell. Many times, over the course of the game she would be the bastion of the Tiger’s back line, like a true Spartan small snippet of Thermopylae being relived on the field.

This focus on the defensive line was focal point for the game. It was quite a worry to see the Demons ravage the teams’ best defenders Jessica Strammoldi and Stacey Close stuck in the forward line watching the carnage.

Throughout this pivotal first half, the lead on the scoreboard was passed between the two sides. The Tiger’s finally managing to get the ball out of the chaos of the back line 50, getting the ball out into the mid field, followed by goals scored by Jessica Stramandinoli sealing the Demons fate. The rest of the game being a hard-fought tussle between the teams.


Ella Ross: The Veteran

Already a notable football player, Ella Ross is truly both a remarkable person and leader and with Ella’s years of experience playing the game has given her the same insight into the tactics and the wider strategy of the overall game.

There were many times during the game I noticed Ella on the sidelines communicating with the coach above. Constant communication that was something that can not just tip the scales of sports but of battles as well.

Ella is a normal person, however Ella is a wily opponent, skilful leader, and cunning tactician. A force to be reckoned with and despite being humble, deserves sheer reverence. If she were a General you would salute her, a Queen one would kneel.

A legend she is definitely that.

Queanbeyan Tigers 3.6 4.7 7.10 9.13-67 Eastlake 3.0 5.2 5.3 5.4-34 Goal Kickers: J. Stramandinoli 5, R. Grounds, L. Russell, M. Czubara, K. McGrath Best Players: L. Russell, J. Stramandinoli, K. Woodward, K. McGrath, I. Lehman, R. Grounds.

Men's 1st Grade

Losing Co-Coach Kade Klemke and prolific small forward Alex Page on the Thursday night before the big game against Eastlake coupled with 7 players already unavailable through injury and Covid Restrictions, you could image the coaches pulling their hair out to fill two grades.

However it became another opportunity to showcase the club's depth as well as testing the next generation of players coming through the ranks led by the inclusion of Rising Stars player Alessandro Sergi for a second 1st Grade game.

The team jumped out of the blocks and held a commanding 42 point lead at half time but were again set back with an injury to Jordan Iudica who was playing a great game until hurt. To Eastlake's credit they came out in the 3rd and applied serious pressure on the tigers but couldn't make a dent in the scoreboard.

As the 4th quarter rolled on, the tigers then lost Lachlan Highfield to a bad cork and the Demon's managed to bring the score back to a winnable margin, however the Tigers continued to find that one extra goal when challenged to keep them at bay.

Zack Derksen continues his stellar form with another solid game on the wing with Will Griggs showing all of his experience in the midfield and gaining first touch in contests. Another youngster Brad Rauter had his own break out game and with the forward line again gelling well led by Andrew Swan, the tigers came away with another solid win.

Queanbeyan Tigers 4.4 9.6 12.7 14.10-94 Eastlake 0.2 3.4 5.8 9.11-65 Goal Kickers: A. Swan 4, A. Sergi 3, J. Stapleton 2, J. Bryce 2, L. Highfield, R. Pollock,

A. LoPilato Best Players: B. Rauter, Z. Derksen, W. Griggs, R. Pollock, A. Lo Pilato, I. Edgar

Men's Reserve Grade

Another slow start by the 2s as they again gave up the lead at quarter time. However there was a new attitude coming through the group and with the return from suspension of Wilson Morshead, steadied the ship and regained the momentum and led at half time.

Daniel Potts showed how influential he will be at the business end of the season and kept giving the Tigers first use of the ball and with Aidan Bowyer continuing to get back to his best post long term injury, it is very exciting to see the clubs depth.

Caleb Cawse is having a great year while other young players Ben Millynn and Nic Coghill are also providing great value. Dean Lord, Tom Ashton and Oliver Hicks showed great glimpses of the combination they are forming in the forward line which spells danger for oppositions across the league.

Queanbeyan Tigers 0.2 4.5 5.7 7.9-51 Eastlake 3.3 3.3 4.6 4.8-32 Goal Kickers: N. Coghill 2, M. Haley 2, T. Ashton 2, O. Hicks Best Players: D. Potts, W. Morshead, A. Bowyer, C. Cawse, B. Millynn, N. Coghill

Rising Stars

Like most times in 2021, the young cubs started well against their opponents and were right in the game drawing to a point early in the third quater.

However, Eastlake's bigger and older bodies went up a gear and the tigers couldn't go with the demons to eventually be well beaten. But that's on the scoreboard, the young cubs kept cracking in and didn't give up all day.

Caden Spinks and Will Kellar backed up their fine games last week and again played some outstanding football. Jono Silver and Bailee Gilbert tried hard to stem the tied with Owen Quantrill and Dayne Posthuma also providing good support in the backline.

While still in the hunt for a finals place in 2021, this squad continues to improve and develop and with the average age of the group at 16 and 9 months shows if they can stick together are going to push plenty of teams into the future.

Queanbeyan Tigers 1.1 1.1 3.2 3.2-20 Eastlake 1.2 2.7 5.10 10.15-75 Goal Kickers: Z. Levine, T. Russo, L. Asbock Best Players: C. Spinks, W. Kellar, O. Quantrill, B. Gilbert, D. Posthuma, J. Silver

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