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Tigers Community Spirit once again Shines!

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Last Saturday a host of Tigers headed down to HOME in Queanbeyan to lend a couple of hours for their

On a cold morning there were many tasks to be completed but that didn’t deter the Tiger Army as they completed gardening, cleaning, rubbish removal and odd jobs for the wonderful staff and patrons of HOME.

The Tigers and HOME in QBN have had a long standing relationship dating back to former Tigers General Manager & current Chairman Ron Fowlie who was heavily involved in establishing the organisation.

It was also great to apart of the team with the Queanbeyan Whites & Rotary also on hand to help throughout the morning.

A big thank you to the following Tigers who attended the day and to those we may have missed in the below list (we had so many there), our sincere apologies and thank you for your service!

Fred Gisik, Gary & Clare Bullivant, Ron Fowlie, Joan Vosnakes, Tim Stephinson, Brad Rauter, Sam Frost, Ben Ashley-Cooper, Jono Bowyer, Kade Klemke, Ken Sissons, Josh Bryce, Matt Vardanega, Claire O’Neill, Katrina Rolls, Kyle Bray, Shelley McCartridge, Eloise Ashley-Cooper, Liz Barry, Jane Vucago.

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