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Tigers get the points over the improving Jets!

The tigers welcomed the Jets to Allinsure Park last Saturday while our Division 2 Women’s Team traveled down the highway to take on the top of the

The day started with the Rising Stars and this was a ripper, no doubt the Jets decision to move into the Premier competition is starting to yield some return by way of their youngsters staying at the club. In the past they would leave to play higher grades of footy but now they can stay and know they can progress through the ranks.

After an even start, the tigers had to pull out all stops to build a gap on the Jets and even though the result was beyond doubt in the last quarter the two teams kept the standard up through out the game. A good game of footy with the Tigers holding sway and keeping their unbeaten run going.


Goal Kickers: W. Taylor 4, N. Wright 2, H. Hunter, H. Grant, K. Dawson Best Players: H. Straker, H. Grant, A. Bowyer, N. Wright, W. Taylor, L. Squire


Goal Kickers: L. Weber, J. Hynes, J. Kemp Best Players: J. Thorpe, J. Hynes, A. Datson, K. Huender, L. Lawrence, L. Weber

After a solid start the team kept cracking in however couldn’t quite get over the line, the effort and resilience of this group is there to see as this result shows how far the Women’s program has come at Tiger land! If you wind back 8 years our first and only team would go down to the Riverina and get belted by 100 plus, fast forward to our 2nd team in the competition and they have pushed the regular finalist all the way.

Exciting times ahead for the girls.

Riverina Lions

Goal Kickers: G. Bennett, J. Matthews Best Players: A. White, R. Campbell, K. Ireland, C. Borella – Wade , G. Bennett, S. Shaw

Queanbeyan Tigers

Goal Kickers: M. Hurley

The Super two’s Men looked to keep their recent good form on track and did so against the jets. Missing a couple of players that were elevated into the seniors was no issue for the boys as they continued to work on their style of play as well as getting much needed games into players who are returning from injury.

It was great to see Jed Simpson finally get on the park after a long stint on the sideline as well as welcoming back some of our players who have been playing at the Hogs. With numbers starting to return, the super two’s will have some selection headaches in the coming weeks which is more validation on why the club are looking at entering a Division 3 squad next season.


Goal Kickers: S. Wilkinson 6, J. Kerr 2, J. Osmond, S. Lancaster, H. McKenzie, J. Galloway, M. McKenzie, B. Reid, E. Maatouk, A. Godfrey, J. Bowyer, B. Gisik, J. Simpson Best Players: M. Gorman, E. Maatouk, A. Jones, A. Godfrey, B. Reid, J. Osmond


Best Players: S. Troldahl , J. Clarkson, P. Lake, C. McFarlane, K. Hesketh

The First Grade Women’s were looking at securing a Top 3 position when they also hosted the jets Saturday evening. It was a great tussle in the early stages with both teams looking to find the edge in attack.

After half time the Tigerette’s found their groove and started to work away from the opposition with some great flowing footy. New recruit Tarni Evans showed why she has made the step up and played with real flare, added to the tight defensive work led by Stacey Close the Tigers closed out the game in style. They now have a tough fortnight taking on the top two in successive weeks and any chance of finishing top two will depend on these results.


Goal Kickers: T. Evans 2, T. Tisma 2, K. Reid, A. Tupper, K. Dobing, T. Campbell Best Players: S. Close, T. Tisma, A. Tupper, K. Reid, K. Dobing


Goal Kickers: N. Daylight Best Players: B. Tully, S. Rubino, C. Taylor, R. Judd, A. Conley, M. Martinovic

What was also great to see despite the win was a number of the Super two’s forcing their way into the 1st Grade team following stella form in the lower grade. Dean Lord and Jeremy Bridger doing their part in what was eventually a solid victory. Like the other grades the next two weeks will definatly have a say on whether we can keep our top two status in check leading into finals.


Goal Kickers: T. Clowry 5, D. Lord 3, B. Fruend 2, M. Lawrence 2, C. Palombi, L. Greenwell, Z. Derksen, J. Carroll-Tape Best Players: T. Clowry, T. Collins, T. Conroy, K. Evans, D. Lord, M. Bernasconi


Goal Kickers: L. Mckay 3 Best Players: L. Mckay, M. Hambleton, M. Vardanega, J. Baker, J. Nunn, M. Holland

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